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Snowflake Heart Slice-of-Life Chapter 2
The next day, Eirwyn is walking about in a forest while listening to music on a MP3 player, being in a peaceful and melancholic mood.  She looks around in the lush, green surroundings – tall oak trees stretching up to the skies, a river running alongside the pathway the winter fairy is walking on, and strawberry and rose bushes strewn about with their beautiful/delicious contents in full bloom.  Even though Eirwyn has grown accustomed to city life, she still enjoys being in the humbling, nostalgic presence of Mother Nature - the wind blowing in a gentle breeze . . . the birds’ chirping echoing throughout the area . . . and the plants’ pure and stress-relieving scent that is prevalent.
Just then, Eirwyn has diverted off the literal beaten path and flies off into the deep forest beyond, flying past the imposing trees and their leafy branches while observing her surroundings because she likes to get the whole scope of any and all locations she’s
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Snowflake Heart Slice-of-Life Chapter 1
It has been a full week since Eirwyn and her Heart Fairy brethren has cleaned Towson of the Shadow Orb menace and its creator.  As you would expect, everyone is enjoying their peace by resuming their normal lives – with the winter fairy herself walking about in the city to get adjusted to life here.
Eirwyn sees a nearby leafless tree and flies over to it for reasons only she knows.  Upon reaching it, she magically starts making chains of crystal snowflakes and sapphire-like ice beads in just seconds.  Once she’s done with the gem-like garment rope, the wintery artist starts wrapping it around the tree like anyone would with normal garments for a Christmas tree.  After using up the entire rope, she walks back a few steps and observes the artwork-in-progress for a few minutes.  She then reapproaches and decorate the top with fluffy clumps of snow that resemble blossom petals with an icy blue hue, taking great care and patience to make them as
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Snowflake Heart Chapter 13
Just as the icy blade is about to slice the former frozen fairy in half, all the combined energy of the surrounding aurora borealis suddenly form into bright ribbon-like rainbows and absorb themselves into the Crystal Katana.  With that, the new Prism Blade slices right on through the pollen-covered ice cube like a hot knife through butter.
With that, the monster that was once Layla disappears into an explosion of prism light as it disintegrates into nothingness.  Eirwyn is surprised by this unexpected finish and drops her powered-up blade as she surveys her surroundings.
The thick grey clouds above are the next to disappear in the presence of the prism explosion, finally clearing away to reveal the clear, sunny sky for the first time since Eirwyn’s fairy transformation.  The winter fairy herself smiles in relief as she allows herself to bask in the warm, soothing sunlight for the next five or so minutes – hey, a bit of sunlight is good for your he
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Snowflake Heart Chapter 12
The next night, Eirwyn has just handed her last coffee order of her shift to the last customer in front of her.  Once everyone within the coffee shop walks out through the entrance door to do the cloaking bus procedure like last time, the wintery barista lets out a big yawn of relief before making one more mug of espresso for herself.  With that, she walks over to the nearest couch and sits down to relax.
Just then, Camille shows up from upstairs and walk over to our winter heroine with a concerned look on her face.  “I’ve deleted the blogs from our website, just as you requested.  Are you sure you’ll be fine by yourself, Eirwyn?” the symphonic barista asks softly, with her winter counterpart nodding affirmatively.  “Very well.  What time will you leave?
“The last photo showed that she was out at midnight . . .so it’s possible she’ll return by then, too,” the wintery barista finally says meek
:iconwinter-colorful:Winter-Colorful 1 0
Snowflake Heart Chapter 11
The next afternoon, Eirwyn is on her second official workday handling just the coffee orders and the associated bells ‘n’ whistles.  Today, Camille is writing down the orders while Selena does the serving both counter-and-table-wise, so less workload from here on out.  That suits the wintery barista fine, for she’s not in a social mood right now after what happened last night.  As she brews cup after cup of java and decorates them cream by cream – and topping by topping, as well – she ponders about what to do about her inevitable battle against the Shadow Orb conjuror.  So much rage . . . so much irrational hate . . . if that person’s creations are dangerous, just how much more will the creator herself will be?
Just as Eirwyn is done with the latest cup of glorified java, she looks over to see the same red-haired woman she’s infatuated with yesterday with Camille and smiles happily – the sight of this Southe
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Snowflake Heart Chapter 10
Five hours later, Eirwyn is dozing off peacefully at one of the lounge couches while covered up with her quilt blanket from her bedroom, having just finished with her shift.  Since the coffee shop is closed for the day, she’s all to her lonesome self for the time being.
Just then, she slowly comes to and gets up, leaving the quilt there as she walks over to the coffee counter and makes another pot of espresso in the strength she enjoys.  As she waits for the pot to fill halfway as usual, Nye shows up from upstairs and notice his snowy sister being up and about.
“Hey there, Snowy.  Feeling better after that nap?” he asks politely while walking over, with Eirwyn nodding sheepishly.  “Seems like you got attracted to that lady with the red, wavy hair, eh?”
Upon hearing this, the wintery barista gasps nervously and turns away while blushing.  She then nods sheepishly, unsure of how her knightly brother would react.
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Snowflake Heart Chapter 9
Meanwhile, Nye is in a garage underneath the coffee shop working at a bench – working, as in crafting unique steel-based contraptions and tools using his steel magic.  A twirl of his hands, a flesh of metallic silver aurora energy, and a loud clap of his hands – and TA-DA!  A new miniature security camera the size of a smartphone along with a magnetic side so it can be attached to anywhere, even the nooks and crannies.
“Well, since the coffee shop is slow business-wise, maybe I can use this as a financially stable job,” the steel elf says to himself while surveying his newest creation with a satisfied smile.
“True, but don’t count out Triple F just yet,” Selena calls out off-screen – and then glomps her loving husband much to his yelping surprise.  “We need your help, Mr. Steampunk, heh heh.”
“Groan . . . what’s up?” an annoyed Nye asks as he puts down the camera-smartphone hybrid dow
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Mixed Media Commissions Are Now Open!
I also do mixed media stuff involving yarn, glitter, beads, and similar stuff.  If you want me to do something like this, let me know with a note full of specific details and I'll get started :)
Painting Commissions
I also like to paint stuff like winter, landscapes, and similar stuff.  But I'm willing to paint whatever you want, too :)  Let me know if you want me to paint you something, and send me notes regarding specific details.
Drawing Commissions Are Now Open!
Here on out, I can do drawings for 3 dollars each.  This is to ensure my Core membership will continue :)  Let me know what you think, okay?  Thanks :)


I'm still up for art trades, just to let you all know :)
I'm still open for art trades, if you all want to know :)
Sandra the Studying Mermaid 2.0
Sandra Thompson

Age: 30
Height: 5'1
Weight: 140 lbs.
Blood Type: O
Personality: Workaholic, organized, no-nonsense, tsundere, easily annoyed, cooperative and helpful
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Birth Date: March 3, 1989
Favorite Foods: Fruit Smoothies, Ham, wheat cereal, bananas, and ginger ale
Birthstone: Aquamarine
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Hobbies: Swimming, Oceanology, Abstract Art/Painting

She's an college grad student turned mermaid.  During a important report in which she is currently working on, she went to the nearby beach to get some information.  Eventually she came across a magical starfish named Brian who claims he's a prince of a underwater kingdom that was attacked and needed someone to help.  He then turned Sandra into a mermaid much to her surprise.  Now she's got two important duties to do - scour the ocean for more information regarding the report, and finding a way to save Brian's kingdom.  Of course, there's more to the story and Sandra will be conflicted: will she go back to the human world or stay in the ocean world?  

Hope you like this new look, since the original was too similar to many of my red-haired OCs ^^;


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Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United States
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Favourite cartoon character: Rabbids, Felix The Cat, Garfield, Tinkerbell, Zero (from Mega Man X), Sam & Max, Strong Bad, Homsar, etc.
Personal Quote: "Within the deepest of darkness, there is always a light."
Since I've been so busy writing stories, I realized how much I missed drawing.  So now, I'm open to art trades.  No list or limit, just send me a DA note of what you'd want and I'll send you one in return of what I want in return.  As usual, NO NUDITY, PORN, AND SEX.  Thanks and hope to hear from you soon. :)
  • Listening to: Radio Rentals Adverts from the 80's
  • Reading: TV Tropes
  • Watching: Youtube
  • Playing: Papa's Cheeseria
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