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Techno Angel Arizona Chapter 12
Back inside the mothership, the techno quartet are in the gym enjoying themselves – the guys reading video game magazines while sipping fruit smoothies, and the gals are swimming back and forth in the pool.  They’re in their mermaid forms from earlier, which explains their bullet-like speed as the enchanted swimmers zip back and forth to burn mucho calories.  Kamin and Arthur get out umbrellas from out of nowhere and open them up to avoid getting wet by the constant sprinkler-like splashes heading their way.
Regarding the ‘race’ itself, Celes is in the lead due to obvious experience with her new fishtail while Arizona is catching up to her due to her mechanical angel wings helping her swim faster.  The Symphivoice looks over to her racing rival and smiles amusedly at the progress the fiery cowgirl has made this far.
“Wanna take a break, gal?” Celes calls over to Arizona, who shakes her head confidently in response.
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Techno Angel Arizona Chapter 6
Here’s what Arizona’s chapter in the new storybook sequel to the ‘Lost Princess of the Moon’ without further delay . . .
Upon arriving on the surface of Mars, the Moon Flower Princess – who is Mackenzie in her Techno Angel form/faux Techno Ranger outfit now - finds herself in what appears to be a town ripped from the Wild West.  She’s surprised by the fact that there is life outside of Earth and the Moon – even though the place is barren and quiet at the moment, except for the gentle wind blowing throughout with tumbleweeds dancing across the dry desert-like sand.  
Just then, the new Techno Ranger on the block starts to yawn loudly and starts to stumble around, since it’s apparent she didn’t get much sleep before here.  She thus walks over to the nearest inn to check in for the night.  
The next morning, the fallen princess walks o
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Techno Angel Arizona Chapter 11
Not long within Night Flights Mall, Arizona is walking about looking for Arthur since his dramatic exit from the rollerderby game.  She eventually sees him at the counter of Moonlight Mocha waving hello at the nearest stool and wastes no time running over.  Upon sitting down next to her knight in shining hawk armor, the angelic cowgirl looks over to the moonling baristas putting up a sign just below the coffee shop’s flashing neon logo.  It reads the following in painted neon letters . . .
Eat TEN cheesecakes in TWENTY minutes!!!
Do so and you can name your own Cheesecake Creation!!!
Free to all who dare to enter and eat to their heart’s content!
“Whoa, free cheesecake?!  Aw man, I HAVE to participate in this!” Angelic Emerald exclaims excitedly as she clears her throat to get the baristas’ a
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Techno Angel Arizona Chapter 10
Within the new game room they’ve just entered, the group surveys their new surroundings to find themselves in a roller skating rink with rails and a giant banked curve marked with flame-shaped markers on the top and ending with a jump ramp.  Surrounding the arena is a city washed in neon lights and set in a neon purple night sky with a full moon and stars about – something that would be perfect for a music videos of this decade, no?
“Ah, rollerderby.  Let me guess – of the competitive, brawling style?” Sam asks amusedly as he starts walking around – only to trip on the floor upon trying to do so.  “Wha . . .” he adds in before getting up and looking down at his shoes – which has rollerblade wheels suddenly attached to the soles.
The others notice this and look down at their own footwear to see the same happening to it, too.  “Well, it makes sense.  But what about protective knee and head ge
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Techno Angel Arizona Chapter 9
After the laserdisc ends, Celes giggles amusedly as she cuddles against Kamin with neon turquoise hearts surrounding them.  “That was quite a groovy date, was it not?” she asks her main squeeze.
“Was it ever,” the Graphic Artnaval himself replies nervously while scratching his head.  “Best that we save that story for another time, shall we?”
The Symphivoice nods affirmatively before smoking a candy cigarette, taking a deep breath before puffing out heart-shaped smoke clouds from her mouth.  “So, what do all of ya want to do now?” she asks her friends.
Before anyone can answer, Shadow and Trixie show up with coffee mugs in hand.  “Oh, did we miss the whole video?” the Pixicat pouts sadly before taking a swing of her mug.  
“That must be decaf, right?” Celes asks concernedly, with Trixie nodding cheerfully before taking another big gulp.  “Whew, groovy Trix.”
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Nocturnal Neon Fountains in Indoor Mode by Winter-Colorful Nocturnal Neon Fountains in Indoor Mode :iconwinter-colorful:Winter-Colorful 9 0 Noctural Neon Fountains by Winter-Colorful Noctural Neon Fountains :iconwinter-colorful:Winter-Colorful 8 3
Techno Angel Arizona Chapter 8
When the laserdisc starts playing, it reveals a college lecture class as it would look like in the time period - already in session.  There are nine desks – each with a Graphic Artnaval – sitting down and watching the Dragtronian professor writing down algebra problems for the class to solve, just staring forward without a shred of emotion as if they’re robots.
 . . . Except for the thunderbird on the bottom right desk, who’s obviously Kamin, yawning and tapping his fingers on the desk in a rhythmic fashion.  “This class blows . . . and I’m being late for my date with Celes!  I’m blowing this snorefest!” he whispers to himself before getting up from his desk.
With the Dragtronian professor still preoccupied with writing down algebra on the chalkboard, the rebellious thunderbird tiptoes over to his brethren on his right and elbow punches him three times to knock him over.  The emotionless Artnaval falls
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Techno Angel Arizona Chapter 7
Not long afterwards, Arthur finds himself standing along a glowing silver border of a transparent blue square that stretches over five miles within another black void.  He’s also holding a giant stylus-like wand in his arms as he surveys his new surroundings.  
“Ok, this is how it goes, Artie.  You need to claim over 75% or more of this square with your wand.  Simply drag it across the square with your wand from one side to the next – doesn’t matter how big or far you go, you just have to connect the edges to make the space count,” Arizona’s disembodied voice calls out from out of nowhere, with the new Techno Knight nodding in agreement.
Just then, a bright flash of turquoise and magenta swirled light bursts out from the center of the screen.  From it, Celes flies out of it while standing on a glowing sheet of musical notes as if it’s a surfboard.  “Now, Celes will be dancing about within the squar
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Techno Angel Arizona Chapter 5
Back in the neon corridor, the arcade participants jump out of the game room one by one and lie down against the wall for reasons that are quite obvious.  “You gals make for great sharpshooters, I’ll give ya credit for that,” Arizona says between breaths.
“Only in games,” Celes admits before getting out her guitar and starts playing a relaxing tune.  
“I don’t know about you, but I’ve got my fill of games for today.  Anyone joining me to the gym?” the angelic cowgirl says as she gets back up.
“If you’re referring to the pool in there, then sure.  I’m down with that,” Celes replies as she gets back up.  
“Same here,” Kamin says as he follows suit.  “You’re not the only one who needs to chill out.”
And with that, the techno trio leaves the scene while waving goodbye to all the other moonlings.  Just then, a Pixicat and a Symphivoice run
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Techno Angel Arizona Chapter 4
Inside the game room, Arizona finds herself surrounded in a black void with a square barricade of neon dots, with a roaring geyser of flame at each compass corner.  Surrounding this layout are the Symphivoices – all sixteen of them - wearing black cowboy hats and aiming their guitars at Angelic Emerald like rifles.  Without hesitation, the firefly bandits waste no time in firing lightning bolts from the guitars in aimless, unpredictable patterns as they move along the barricade’s outer rim.
Arizona also wastes no time in going on the offensive, first off firing fireballs from her six-shooters in the upper left and right corners of the barricade.  She misses, blasting some of the shield dots away as the Symphivoices dance along unharmed.  Annoyed by this, she stops running around and aims at the upper left corner, firing in that direction again – and literally sends the firefly bandit there up in smoke.
The surrounding Symphivoices gasp i
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Techno Angel Arizona Chapter 3
Shortly after the peace ‘n’ love reunion, the trio walks over to Midnight Mocha for obvious reasons.  There, they see Shadow behind the counter still doing his part-time job – with Trixie joining his side and working as well.
“Uh oh . . .” Arizona mutters nervously with a sweatdrop running down her head.  “Dave and Sere told me about that gal’s hypersensitivity to coffee.  Why’s she here?”
“It’s obvious – they’re a couple just like us,” Celes points out before putting an arm around Kamin’s shoulder and nuzzles against his shoulder.
By the time the trio arrives at the celestial coffee-shop, Trixie gasps in surprise upon seeing the Symphivoice before her.  “Oh, hey there, Celes!” she exclaims cheerfully before shaking hands with Celes.  “It’s about time you and your brethren showed up.”
“Yeah, sorry for being late-shows, Trix. &
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Techno Angel Arizona Chapter 2
As the new techno gals fly through the neon corridors in search of their next destination, they chat casually to get to know each other more.  After Arizona explains about herself, the Symphivoices gasp in surprise.  “Groovy gal!  You’re part of a rock band?  We just HAVE to meet your bandmates soon!” Celes insists excitedly.
“You will, sugah cube.  Speaking of old relationships, that Kamin guy that you were in love with is in the mall right now.  You want to go see him after we find that cotton-pickin’ gym?” Angelic Emerald asks with a wink.
The lead Symphivoice smiles cheerfully as she nods her head to confirm her answer.  Just then, she sees a room up ahead with the word ‘GYM’ labeled above in neon with some Pixicats outside going inside.  “I wonder if Trixie is in here too,” she says in a reminiscing tone.
“Yes, she is.  She’s somewhere in this mobile home
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Techno Angel Arizona Chapter 1
After leaving Mackenzie and Sam in peace, Arizona walks through the mobile home’s corridors to casually explore.  “Eh, these lunar cutie pies sure love neon, no?” she amusedly asks herself.
“We thrive on it, gal,” a female voice in a laid back British hippie accent replies from out of nowhere.  
“What in tarnation?!” Angelic Emerald exclaims in fright before falling back on the floor.  She then notices several firefly-type moonlings looking down at her in a circle, all with concerned faces.  “Oh, hey there.  I’m guessing y’all are into peace and love, if you know what I mean?”
These particular moonlings are not only fireflies with black wings and golden lining, but are also wearing colorful hippie outfits – orange-shaped beanie hats, magenta dresses with neon flowers painted on them, tan fringe vests with golden linings, and leather moccasin boots.  Regarding their appearanc
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Keiko and Fuzzy Again by Winter-Colorful Keiko and Fuzzy Again :iconwinter-colorful:Winter-Colorful 6 0 Mermaid Haruka Renge Again by Winter-Colorful Mermaid Haruka Renge Again :iconwinter-colorful:Winter-Colorful 7 5



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Back inside the mothership, the techno quartet are in the gym enjoying themselves – the guys reading video game magazines while sipping fruit smoothies, and the gals are swimming back and forth in the pool.  They’re in their mermaid forms from earlier, which explains their bullet-like speed as the enchanted swimmers zip back and forth to burn mucho calories.  Kamin and Arthur get out umbrellas from out of nowhere and open them up to avoid getting wet by the constant sprinkler-like splashes heading their way.
Regarding the ‘race’ itself, Celes is in the lead due to obvious experience with her new fishtail while Arizona is catching up to her due to her mechanical angel wings helping her swim faster.  The Symphivoice looks over to her racing rival and smiles amusedly at the progress the fiery cowgirl has made this far.
“Wanna take a break, gal?” Celes calls over to Arizona, who shakes her head confidently in response.
“Nah, I’ve got more than enough sugar to burn through this,” Angelic Emerald assures as she continues bullet-swimming with her moonling sista for the next hour or so.
By that time, the techno mermaids are sitting on the pool’s edge panting profusely before taking slow, deep breaths to calm down.
“What were you two trying to do, outperform Superman?” a concerned Arthur asks as he and Kamin walk over to their fishy girlfriends.
“Just burning all that cheesecake.  I think I did just that,” Arizona replies as she lies down and stares up at the ceiling.
Just then, Mackenzie shows up and walks over to the techno quartet with what appears to be a transcript in her hands – which is the size of a phonebook!  “Hello, everyone,” she says softly as she sits down next to the techno mermaids.  “I’ve just went and did a new chapter about Arthur for the next sequel.”
“Oh, well, that was quick,” Arizona replies excitedly as she shoots back up with Celes following suit.  “And you want us to see it, right?”
The golden Techno Angel nods affirmatively and then hands it over to Sapphire Knight for him to read.  “Go ahead and read it out loud for them to hear.  I’ll going to the smoothie bar, all right?” she asks politely before heading over to her destination just like that.
Arthur nods back and then starts reading the transcript as his true love and moonling friends come over to his side to listen up.  “All right, let’s see . . .” he mutters before beginning now . . .
The chapter begins with Arizona and Mackenzie sleeping at the Techno Ranger base on bunk beds – along with a hawk that has metallic blue feathers and glowing green eyes, who’s sleeping alongside the Ruby Ranger for some reason.  Just then, Celes – dressed up in a fancy witch dress – flies over from out of the blue and nudges gently at the strange hawk to wake it up.
The hawk screeches gently as he looks over to the magical Symphivoice looking back at him with her arms crossed.  He shrieks in fright with accompanying sweat drops and quickly gets up.
“Mellow out, you’re in safe hands.  Flew all this way to see your long-lost mama, eh?” Celes assures as she whips out a microphone and then sings out loud for obvious reasons.  Both female Rangers shoot up from their beds in fright, just in time to be greeted by the metallic hawk doing some impressive aerial tricks as its way of saying hello.
“Oh, it’s you again!” Arizona says amusedly as she holds out a hand for the hawk to land on.  “Miss me, didn’t cha?”
Mackenzie watches on curiously as her fellow Techno Ranger hugs the metallic hawk and then smiles.  She then watches over and places a hand on the mysterious hawk’s forehead while closing her eyes in a meditative sense.
“Let me guess – you know this fine-feathered friend was once human, am I right?” Celes asks the former Moon Princess, who finally nods affirmatively.  “And his name is Arthur, too.”
“W-what?” Arizona asks in surprise.  “What are you getting that, sugah cubes?”
“Arthur is the name of your long-lost boyfriend, am I right?  Well, here he is, in the form of a hawk,” Celes explains short and sweet.
“Y-YOU REALLY MEAN THAT?!” Ruby Ranger cries out in shock, with Mackenzie nodding affirmatively.
“Yep.  He told me so via pen and paper.  He was cursed by a strange being of pure darkness upon coming across it during one of his surveys. He doesn’t remember what it looked like since these creatures can change shape and form, so it's hard to know if it’s the same one who attacked the Moon Kingdom or not.  Me and my fellow Symphivoices found the poor hawk a few years ago and been trying to find a cure for his curse – but to no avail,” Celes explains further before bringing her head down sadly.
“My stars . . . and I thought he was dead all this time . . . Oh, Artie!” Arizona cries out with tears of joy running down her face as she and her reunited lover embrace in a bittersweet manner.  “Even if there’s no cure for your curse, Artie, you’re still loveable as a hawk – so reliable, kind, sweet, and cuddle-able,” she adds in assuredly.  “Don’t get me wrong, I still want you back to human, of course.”
Mackenzie smiles assuredly and then places her hand on the metallic hawk’s forehead once more before going into meditation mode once more.  This time, Arthur himself begins to glow a bright moon white much to her fellow Rangers’ surprise.  Just like that, the metallic hawk changes form just like that during the engulfing glow - revealing the human Arthur in his Sapphire Knight form – in Arizona’s arms.  
The Ruby Ranger herself gasps in surprise as her long-lost love smiles amusedly and kisses her on the lips.  Arizona simply smiles and embraces her true love in a big bear hug.  
“Well, didn’t expect that so soon,” Celes says as she flies over to Mackenzie, who nods with a smile.  “You’re quite the healer, I’ll give you that.”
Shortly after, the Ranger quarter are off flying throughout the universe doing a survey together – because you know, safety in numbers.
“Since you’re back to the way you’re intended, it’s time you get your time in the limelight,” Arizona says to Arthur as she puts an arm around her shoulder.  “We all have our go so far, just to let you know.  It’s just . . . well . . .”
“Don’t want another similar incident happen to me again?” Sapphire Knight asks understandably, with Ruby Ranger nodding affirmatively.  
“I don’t mind blasting more of those shadow creeps to Hades along the way, too,” Arizona insists angrily as she cracks her knuckles.
“Count me in too.  Considering what they’ve done to so many planets in the past, they must be stopped before we’re all wiped out,” Arthur agrees as he holds up her right arm, which has a metallic hawk wing fitted with super-sharp feathers that resemble more like swords.  “I’m a hawk, and they’re my prey.”
Celes chuckles amusingly and then points straight ahead in the distance.  “There’s your chance, then,” she calls out while pointing over at some of the same shadow humanoids mentioned from Arizona’s chapter.  
Sapphire Knight sees the incoming creatures and nods affirmatively with a determined face before heading off to take ‘em on.  “Wait for us, man!” Celes calls out as she and her Ranger brethren follow suit to help out.  By the time they finally catch up to the knight in silvery armor, he’s already slicing ‘n’ dicing the destructive personifications of darkness in thin slices with his sharp wings like a butcher slicing ham with meat cleavers.
“Well, they’re feeling the full blunt of his anger, no?” Arizona asks amusedly to the others, who nod affirmatively.
Back to the battle, Sapphire Knight has just unleashed a blizzard from his hands at some incoming shadows, freezing ‘em into statues in a cold snap.  Before they can thaw, he zooms over and uppercuts ‘em into a gazillion shards.  Just as some shadows try to ambush the hawk-shaped knight from behind, he raises his arms up for his wings to shoot out the knife-like feathers right at his attempted ambushers.  
Sure enough, the hapless shadows wind up being bleeding pincushions with several ‘feathers’ covering them with their ‘blood’ gushing out.   Arthur flies over and slices their heads off with his wings to finish ‘em off on the spot.  When more shadows try to do the same as their fallen brethren, he simply swings down his wings – slicing them in half vertically just like that.  
Just then, Arizona shows up at her true love’s side in a flaming comet that incinerates all unsuspecting shadows in her path into ashes that fly off into the limitless depths of space.  Once her charge ‘shield’ burns out, she gives Arthur a high-five.  “You haven’t lost your touch, hon,” she complements with a wink.
“Being a hawk actually improved my close combat skills,” Sapphire Knight says amusedly while looking at his metallic wings.  “So there’s something good that came with the transformation.  C’mon, let’s take ‘em through the cleaners.”
Ruby Ranger nods affirmatively before flying off to take out the remaining shadows at the scene.  Meanwhile, Mackenzie and Celes are just standing there nervously since they’re surprised by what came down.  “Well, I guess we’re not needed, huh?” the enchanted Symphivoice asks the Moonstone Ranger, who nods sheepishly.
Shortly thereafter, all of the shadow creatures at the scene – close to a hundred – are no more, thanks to the reunited Ranger couple’s awesome skills and elemental powers.  They then sit down on the nearby asteroid to take a well-deserved breather just as Mackenzie and Celes show up to join them.
“You two were far out earlier!  You deserve a treat,” the Symphivoice witch complements as she magically summons forth a pepperoni pizza on a silver tray in her hands and hands it over to the reunited Ranger couple.  Of course, you need something nice and cold to drink with pizza, so Celes also summons four cups of diet cola and ice to distribute among herself and her fellow Rangers.
With that, the Ranger quartet spends the next few minutes enjoying their snack break – when suddenly, Serena in her Techno Ranger form shows up out of nowhere and heads over with an annoyed face.  “Eating on the job, aren’t we?” the silver Techno Angel grumbles while rolling her eyes.
Just then, an all-too-familiar cloud begins to envelop just behind Serena, who notices this just in time to fly away safely.  She quickly turns around to see another black stormy cloud approaching her and her Ranger brethren.
“Aha!  This must be the source of those shadow creeps we vanquished just now,” Arizona smirks amusedly as she gets up and cracks her knuckles.
Just as the sentient cloud ‘throws’ a lightning bolt at Serena, she thrusts her hands forward to unleash a storm of neon green lightning Star Wars-style – which easily overpowers the lone purple bolt and strikes its owner, pushing it away a few good inches.
Mackenzie immediately flies over to her fellow Ranger’s side and puts up a transparent diamond barrier around the two of them – just in time as another purple lightning bolt strikes it – and then rebounds right back at the unsuspecting cloud, electrocuting it on the spot.
Taking advantage of this, Arthur summons forth a sword made out of diamond ice and throws it at the evil cloud.  A gaping stab wound appears as a result, allowing the icy Ranger to unleash another blizzard right into the wound.  
As the dark cloud is slowly becoming an icy statue of itself, Arizona and Serena look at each other and nod affirmatively.  With that, Ruby Ranger unleashes a domino-like trail of flame while Rose Quartz Ranger unleashes more of her ‘Force’ Lightning simultaneously.  The combined forces of ice, fire, and lightning clash together for an epic, flashy explosion that wipes the sentient cloud from existence in a trippy 60’s style kaleidoscope display of the three elements harmonizing together.
Once the mesmerizing explosion fades away, the Ranger crew falls back on the asteroid as before and lets out a huge collective puff of relief.  And that’s where the chapter ends for the moment.
“I guess Mackenzie isn’t finished with this chapter yet, but it’s obvious that things will be fine from here on out,” Arthur says to the others after putting the transcript aside.
“Just like us, hon,” Arizona replies happily as she sneaks a kiss on her true love’s cheek.  “We’ll just keep this secret for the time being, all right?”
“We won’t tell until you’re ready, we promise,” Kamin adds in assuredly as he puts a hand on Sapphire Knight’s shoulder.
“Thank you, everyone,” Arthur replies gratefully as he brings the three into a soft embrace.  It isn’t long before Mackenzie finally returns and joins in gently enough for no one to notice.  “I’m glad everyone is happy now,” she thinks to herself with a relieved smile.

THE END (for now)
Techno Angel Arizona Chapter 12
Here's the twelfth and last chapter of Techno Angel Arizona, in which the quartet reads a new transcript Mackenzie has written about them as Galaxy Rangers in the Moon Princess universe.  Hope you all like it and thank you for reading :)

Here’s what Arizona’s chapter in the new storybook sequel to the ‘Lost Princess of the Moon’ without further delay . . .
Upon arriving on the surface of Mars, the Moon Flower Princess – who is Mackenzie in her Techno Angel form/faux Techno Ranger outfit now - finds herself in what appears to be a town ripped from the Wild West.  She’s surprised by the fact that there is life outside of Earth and the Moon – even though the place is barren and quiet at the moment, except for the gentle wind blowing throughout with tumbleweeds dancing across the dry desert-like sand.  
Just then, the new Techno Ranger on the block starts to yawn loudly and starts to stumble around, since it’s apparent she didn’t get much sleep before here.  She thus walks over to the nearest inn to check in for the night.  
The next morning, the fallen princess walks out of the inn to commence with her assignment fully awake and alert – when suddenly, another Ranger-esque woman follows suit and walks up to Mackenzie’s side, unbeknownst to her.  Yes, it’s Arizona still in her Techno Angel form.  Upon seeing each other, the Techno Angels gasp in surprise and walk to each other curiously.
“A-are you a Ranger as well?” the angelic cowgirl asks our celestial heroine, who nods affirmatively.  This is due to the fact that Mackenzie – or at least her Moon Princess character – still can’t speak here for reasons only she knows.  “Man, have I been gone this long?  Sam must be really peeved at me right about now,” Arizona adds in nervously.
The Moon Flower Princess gives her fellow Ranger a soft, comforting embrace in response.  Arizona smiles and returns the gesture before taking a close look at the new Ranger on the block’s face.  She gasps in surprise and then says, “My stars!  You must be the Princess of the Moon Kingdom that was sacked by that Darkness thing years ago – uh, Mackenzie is your name, right?”
The fallen princess nods with a sad smile in response.  She then gets out a small notepad and starts writing some things on it as a curious Arizona takes a look.
“Oh!  You and Sammy are about to tie the knot?!  Man, I HAVE been gone a long time!” the fiery cowgirl exclaims nervously with an anime sweatdrop running down her head.
Mackenzie is still writing on her notepad despite this, and then hands it to her future sister-in-law to look over.  “The other Rangers are scattered throughout space as well?!  Well, that explains everything!” she says before returning the notepad.  “Well, consider your quest one-third complete.  The name’s Arizona Williams aka Ruby Ranger.  Sam probably told you I’m his big sister, right?”
Mackenzie nods affirmatively as she and Arizona walk away from the inn together, with the Ruby Ranger pointing out, “I need to see if this town is safe first, though.  Mind if I take one quick survey, Mac?”
The Moon Flower Princess shakes her head assuredly before changing directions to commence with the survey.  She then starts writing down stuff on her notepad before handing it over to the Ruby Ranger.  After looking through its contents and then returning it, Arizona says, “So you’re Moonstone Ranger, eh?  It suits you well, gal.  And regarding me, my element is fire,” while making a short flame from her pointer finger.  “It was when I got too close to the Sun did I gain the ability to create fire from my willpower.  How cool is that, eh?”
Mackenzie nods with a smile and then points at a pearl bracelet she’s wearing on her right wrist.  Arizona looks closely at it to see that those pearls are actually clean, circular-cut moonstone.  “Well, we’re becoming like kindred spirits already, eh?” she says amusedly while giving our celestial heroine a soft noogie.
The fallen princess laughs softly before noticing something up ahead – strange humanoid beings, but all black and sporting glowing red eyes and nasty-looking silver fangs.  Their body structure is unnatural with no circular/curved edges and longer limbs than the normal human anatomy.  Upon seeing the Techno Rangers, their eyes glow even brighter with hate and hiss with such hostility.
“Wowza!  More of those shadow creeps!  Time to see what you can do with those powers, gal!” Ruby Ranger says to her Moonstone counterpart, who nods affirmatively with an eager smile.  
With that, Mackenzie and Arizona charge at the shadow creatures, with the fiery cowgirl delivering a mean roundhouse kick – with her foot engulfed in a flame shaped like n shrieking eagle.  This knocks the shadow’s head clean off, which disintegrates into oblivion immediately.
Upon seeing its fellow comrade being vanquished so quickly, one of the other shadow creatures shriek in rage and charges at Mackenzie – who summons her crescent moon-shaped chakrams and spars with her opponent, who uses its long claws as its own weapons.  Its uncontrollable rage is what gives the former princess the advantage, as she blocks and parries its slashes and stabs with graceful, swan-like ease.
Meanwhile, Arizona blows out a kiss – which takes the form of giant, flaming lips – at another shadow creature, which smacks it on the face.  She then watches amusingly as it shrieks in painful agony due to the immense heart before glowing bright red with rays of neon yellow light bursting out of its body – and exploding into oblivion just like that.  
Back to Mackenzie, she’s just sliced her opponent into several pieces – and then before its head disappears into nothingness, she kicks it over to another shadow nearby.  Once it falls to the ground unconscious, the Topaz Ranger shoots out several bursts of moonlight from her fingers in the form of crescent moons.  This onslaught slices ‘n’ dices the fallen shadow into millions of pieces, which meet the same fate as the other shadows.
“Well, that was impressive, Mac,” Arizona complements amusedly as she then summons two golden six-shooters in her hands as if they’ve appeared out of sudden bursts of flame.  “Here are my weapons of choice, by the way.  Watch this.”
With that, the angelic cowgirl shoots out several streaks of concentrated flame from her ethereal revolvers at some more incoming shadows, which explode in a firework-style explosion of light upon being riddled with the flaming ‘bullets’.
“Hey Mac, can you use your kisses as an offense, too?  Can’t hurt to give it a try,” Arizona says to her fellow Ranger.
Mackenzie shrugs her shoulders and then throws a kiss at another shadow coming at her.  Once the radiant, sparkling moon-white lips smacks the unsuspecting creature head-on, they explode into a burst of moon white light that shines throughout the area.  All of the shadows hiss in terror before running off – only to get strike down by several flashing beams of prism light, sending them to the realm of oblivion just like their fallen brethren.  
“Holy moley, that was incredible!  We both are quite the kissers, aren’t we?” Arizona asks in awe as she runs over to her new ally.  Mackenzie can’t help but chuckle silently in response.  
With that, Ruby Ranger opens up her communicator amulet and presses some buttons on it.  She then brings her Topaz counterpart into her arms as just they both teleport out of sight Star Trek-style.
Seconds later, the female Techno Rangers return to Ranger HQ, which resembles an actual Forest Ranger station but in a futuristic 80’s style fashion – such as a hovering desk, a computer for storing files instead of a desk drawer, neon fluorescent lights, and steel ‘logs’ instead of wood.  Sam in his Techno Ranger form is busy working file work on the aforementioned computer when his sister and fiancé suddenly materialize before him, sending the unsuspecting Emerald Ranger falling backwards on his chair.  
Mackenzie gasps nervously as she runs over to her true love’s side and helps him up.  “Are you all right, bro?” a concerned Arizona asks as she follow suit.
“Better now, that you’re here and safe.  Mackenzie, did you went and find her?” Sam asks the Moon White Princess, who herself nods affirmatively.  
“I guess it’s her way to prove herself as a Techno Ranger – to do a retrieve mission all by herself.  She told me everything, bro,” Ruby Ranger says amusedly.  “We came across some more of those shadow creeps, but we made short work of ‘em.  Mac’s powers and abilities impressed me to the Nth degree – then again, it’s to be expected from a former Moon Princess.”
“I told you she’s special,” Sam replies with a proud smile before getting out a bunch of white roses from the nearby counter.  “For you, love,” he adds in while giving them to Mackenzie.
The Topaz Ranger smiles sheepishly while blushing a luminescent pink as she takes the white roses and embraces her fiancé for a slow, passionate kiss.  “I love you, Sam,” she mouths silently.
“I love you too,” Sam replies softly, knowing what his true love has just said.
Arizona smiles at this heartwarming, romantic sight and then tiptoes out of the station to leave the lovebirds in peace.  
Outside, Ruby Ranger looks upwards at the starry ‘sky’ before her – it’s actually outer space out here – and gasps in horror to see a big dark cloud approaching from out of nowhere.  It looks just like the same cloud Mackenzie and Sam fended off recently back on the Moon – and judging by the purple lightning bolts shooting out from it in all directions, it’s not happy about its defeat.
“Hmmph.  You think that scares me?  Watch this,” Arizona mumbles confidently as she gets out several Carolina Reaper peppers from her vest pocket and downs them all in one gulp.  
Despite having eaten a bunch of possibly the hottest pepper on Earth, the fiery cowgirl shows no sweat and discomfort and takes a deep breath as the sentient cloud looms ever closer to her.  Just before it can engulf the Ruby Ranger in its dark, stormy clutches, she lets out several giant rings of flame from her mouth.  The dark cloud lets out a horrified roar and tries to fly away from the incoming volcanic destruction heading its way, only to get torched by the rings of fiery doom.
By the time Mackenzie and Sam run out to see what’s going on, they see a giant fiery explosion with bright red, orange, and yellow light rays bursting out of it.  “Whoa, what just happened?!” the Emerald Ranger cries out in surprise.
“One of those dark clouds came by for a visit.  Naturally, I denied it with my Carolina Pepper Breath,” Arizona replies casually as she walks over.  “I reckon it fit the description of the same one from the Moon?”
Mackenzie smiles gratefully with a tear running down her cheeks before glomping her future sister-in-law.  “D’aw, it’s no problem, sis,” Arizona smiles assuredly as she returns the embrace.
And with that, the chapter is finished.  David closes the storybook and then looks over to everyone surrounding him at the gym’s smoothie bar with an expression that reads ‘What do you think of it?’
“Well, for one thing, Mac sure knows me and what I like.  I give it a thumbs-up,” Arizona replies while giving such a gesture, with Arthur, Kamin, and Celes following suit.  “Tell her our regards and let me know if she wants me to come back.”
“I’m sure she will,” Serena smiles as she and her true love hops off the stools they were standing on and walk away while waving good-bye.
“Well, that was short and sweet, I have to admit,” Sapphire Knight points out with a smile.  “Mackenzie seems to have a big sister worship to you, no doubt.”
“We’ll be actual sisters eventually, so yeah,” Angelic Emerald chuckles before taking a sip of another cherry smoothie.  “Oh, these really hit the spot!”
“You mean from a purifying and cleansing vibe?” Celes asks as she takes a sip of her own cherry smoothie.  “I know how you feel.”
“You think that if I reveal myself, Mackenzie will put me in that storybook or future sequels?” Arthur asks nervously.
“Since you’re a Techno Knight like the guys, I don’t see why not.  You just need to come out of that invisible closet, love,” Angelic Emerald replies assuredly.  “At least do it without letting my bandmates know.”
“Or behind a mask, at least?  A mysterious hero adds intrigue and mystery to a story, no doubt,” Kamin adds in.
“Well . . . all right.  Let’s go see her – alone, of course,” Arthur finally replies as he gets off his stool and motions the group to follow him to his obvious destination, which they do without hesitation.
One Gilligan Cut later, the group is already at the front door of Mackenzie’s art studio.  Just before Arizona is about to knock, the door opens up by itself.  The group yelps in surprise – with Sam also following suit upon seeing them before fainting on the spot.  
“Sam!” Mackenzie exclaims frantically as she rushes over to her true love’s side and holds her in a soft embrace.
“Sorry, Mackenzie.  We didn’t expect this would happen,” Arthur points out nervously with accompanying sweat shower.
“I know, Arthur,” the Moon Flower Princess replies assuredly while still hugging her Techno Knight in Emerald armor.
This leaves the group in wide-eyed surprise.  “Y-you know already?” Arizona exclaims in amazement.
“Yes, Elec-Love informed me about Sapphire Knight’s existence long ago.  I have no problem with him being here knowing he has a pure heart, but knowing of his extreme shyness, I left him be,” Mackenzie explains in an understanding tone.  “I’ll still keep it secret if you wish, Arthur.”
The new Techno Knight on the block smiles gratefully and nods softly as his answer.  “Thank you,” he finally says before clearing his throat.  “Arizona and my new friends here suggested that I would be part of this new storybook series you’re working on.”
“As in being in your Sapphire Knight persona only until you’re ready to reveal your true identity?  That I can do.  Stay here as I help Sam recover from his fatigue.  Be right back,” the Moon Flower Princess assures with a smile as she then flies off from the art studio to destinations unknown.
The new techno quartet lets out a collective puff of relief before collapsing against the opposite wall.  “Well, that went better than expected,” Arthur says casually.
Everyone else nods in agreement and then notices some 8-bit sounds coming from behind the same wall.  Sapphire Knight smiles amusedly and then gets up to open the neon panel before him.  “I recognize those sounds.  If it’s that game I played before, I want to play again.  Would you all like to join for a quick session?” he asks the others.
“Sure, why not?  It’ll probably be a while before Mac is ready for us,” Arizona replies as she and the moonling couple step aside for obvious reasons.
With that, Arthur opens up the ‘door’ and hops inside, with the others following suit one by one as it slams shut behind them.
Techno Angel Arizona Chapter 6
Here's chapter 6 at last, with the group reading the chapter about Arizona in Mackenzie's new storybook.  Hope you all like it :)

Not long within Night Flights Mall, Arizona is walking about looking for Arthur since his dramatic exit from the rollerderby game.  She eventually sees him at the counter of Moonlight Mocha waving hello at the nearest stool and wastes no time running over.  Upon sitting down next to her knight in shining hawk armor, the angelic cowgirl looks over to the moonling baristas putting up a sign just below the coffee shop’s flashing neon logo.  It reads the following in painted neon letters . . .
Eat TEN cheesecakes in TWENTY minutes!!!
Do so and you can name your own Cheesecake Creation!!!
Free to all who dare to enter and eat to their heart’s content!
“Whoa, free cheesecake?!  Aw man, I HAVE to participate in this!” Angelic Emerald exclaims excitedly as she clears her throat to get the baristas’ attention.  
“Wha . . .?” Shadow asks as he looks over to see the new couple before him and Trixie.  “Oh, you wish to take our new challenge?”
“You betcha!  I just LOVE cheesecake!” Arizona insists as she then looks over to the baked goods menu stationed above the syrup dispensers.  There are a wide variety of cheesecakes available for casual and contest eating, including the following . . .
The Dirt Devil, which is a chocolate-enriched cheesecake that looks like mud with gummy worms within its creamy goodness, gummy grass planted around its crust, and a chocolate cookie crust topping to resemble dirt . . .
The Whirlin’ Berry – a regular cheesecake but with strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries swirled in along with swirling streaks of berry puree to create a whirlwind effect . . .
The Winter Parfait, a blueberry-stained cheesecake with multiple layers of cheesecake, white chocolate, and frozen blueberry puree to resemble black ice . . .
And many, many more . . . Hey, there’ll be ten different pies for the challenge, but these three stand out the most.
“Twenty different cheesecakes to choose from, huh?  Well, at least I won’t be bored,” Arizona complements amusedly.  “I trust you two, so I’ll leave you with the choices.”
“Be right back, then!” Trixie chuckles before running off into the back for obvious reasons.  
“Would you like coffee as well?  Just asking,” Shadow asks casually while shrugging his shoulders.
“Why not?  It’s a coffee shop, after all,” Arizona replies as she puts an arm around Arthur.  “It’s a solo challenge, right?” she adds in, with the Holobat barista nodding affirmatively.  “Bummer.”
“It’s all right, Arizona.  I can’t eat ALL that cheesecake, no matter how delicious it is,” Arthur replies in a mix of assurance and nervousness.  “Least I can do is lend you my support and cheer.”
“More than enough, hon,” the angelic cowgirl replies before sharing a passionate kiss with her true love.
“Hey there, lovebirds,” Kamin’s voice greets out of nowhere.
“Look who’s talking, love.  We’re the same too,” Celes’ voice adds in a playful tone.
The techno-humanoid couple looks over to their left to see the moonling couple themselves sitting next to them.  “Hey there, you two.  You heard about this challenge too, right?” Arizona asks amusedly.
“No, just on a date.  Since you are though, we might as well watch and cheer you on if that’s peachy with ya,” the hippie firefly replies casually as she brings her Graphic Artnaval boyfriend in a soft, loving embrace.
“It’s all peachy, Celes,” Angelic Emerald replies assuredly just as a tray of ten different cheesecakes is laid down before her, along with a steaming cup of coffee sliding over from her right.
“Here ya go, Ari!  You sure you wanna do this?” Trixie asks the angelic cowgirl, who nods affirmatively while crossing her arms in a sense of bravado.  “You’re the first to do this challenge.  Let’s see if you’ll be the first winner,” the Pixicat barista adds as she gives the cheesecake-loving cowgirl a fork.
“Place your bets, y’all,” Angelic Emerald replies bravely while raising her fork upwards She-Ra style.
With that, Trixie kicks the nearby bell to commence the challenge – you know, for stylish flair.  This naturally catches the attention of the surrounding Earthlings and Moonlings, whom all jump up in fright like Mexican jumping beans.  Upon seeing the challenge going down now, they quickly rush over to see up-close.
“Good luck, Ari,” Arthur says while returning the romantic kiss.
“Same here.  Just don’t make yourself sick while doing it, all right?” a concerned Kamin adds in as he and Celes give the angelic cowgirl two thumbs up.
“I won’t,” Arizona replies casually as she starts eating the Whirlin’ Berry with her fork, trying to get as much bites as her mouth can hold before swallowing it down.  “Aw, man, this is good beyond the stars!” she complements happily with her eyes becoming big and sparkling in delight.
“Less talk, more eating!” Trixie insists like a drill sergeant, which gets Angelic Emerald’s attention.  
With that, Arizona continues eating away at the berry-swirled cheesecake until it’s all done.  She lets out a big burp in triumph before getting the next cheesecake in line – the Dirt Devil – and starts eating away like a woodpecker would with termites in a tree.  
“Man, she’s like a machine!” Trixie exclaims in wide-eyed amazement.
“Ari has always had a massive sweet tooth.  She went through a twenty-scoop banana split during a date three years ago,” Arthur points out while cracking a smile.  
“My metabolism is like an inferno, hon.  It’ll burn anything up in my stomach like kindling,” Arizona replies cheerfully before popping the last bite of the Dirt Devil in her mouth.  
“I’m surprised you haven’t touch your coffee yet,” Shadow asks in a mixed tone of confusion and curiosity.
“Any fluids you drink will make any food you’ve eaten expand in your stomach, making you fuller faster.  She knows that, right?” Sapphire Knight points out, with Angelic Emerald winking at him as her response.
With that, Arizona reaches for the Winter Parfait and breaks it into four quarters as neatly as she can with her bare hands before taking one of them to chow down.  Upon doing so, her mouth becomes frozen in a cartoonish fashion due to the cheesecake itself being THAT cold.  Annoyed by this, she finally reaches for that precious mug of joe and takes a big sip – which instantly melts the ice away, allowing the angelic cowgirl to continue eating away.  
“Well, that was unexpected.  Then again, I did put that cheesecake in our nitrogen-powered freezer, and you know how COLD it can get.  By the way, you have 17 minutes left and seven pies to go,” Trixie chuckles nervously with a sweatdrop running down her head.
“Three pies in four minutes?!?  She might get this down, people!” Shadow exclaims in amazement upon realizing this, with the others surrounding the coffee shop cheering Arizona on.
With that, Angelic Emerald starts on her fourth cheesecake – the Maple Morning, which consists of swirls of real maple syrup within with a crust made out of candied bacon.  “Well, that would certainly qualify as a breakfast, no?” Celes asks amusedly.
“It helps it has bacon, and well, you know what they say about it,” Kamin adds in cheerfully.
Focusing 100% on the challenge as if her life depends on it, Arizona has just finished off the Lemon Meringue before moving on ahead to a Shortcake Cheesecake – basically a cheesecake layered by whipped cream and strawberries.  She burns through it as well before proceeding with the Midnight Mocha – a cheesecake seethed with espresso with a dark chocolate graham crust, topped with white chocolate curls to resemble crescent moons.
After munching down on that deep chocolate-rich cheesecake, Angelic Emerald lets out a big breath puff to relieve the stress of all that chowin’.  “Uh oh, looks like she’s hitting the food wall anytime now,” Kamin points out concernedly.
“Hey, it ain’t over until the fat lady sings,” Arizona insists bravely before reaching for another cheesecake – this one being the Confetti Cheese, consisting of multiple layers of cheesecake and vanilla cake filled with sprinkles.  
“You can do this, Ari!  I believe in you!” Arthur exclaims confidently while motioning the surrounding audience to cheer on as actual confetti rains down on the coffee shop.
“Sheesh, Earthlings really get into these food challenges, no?” Shadow asks nervously as he gets out a parasol and holds it up above himself and Trixie to repel the confetti shower.
“We ain’t so different from them, that’s for sure,” the Pixicat barista snickers amusedly before seeing the cheesecake before her – the S’more Cheesecake Sandwich, which consists of a chocolate cheesecake sandwiched with layers of marshmallows, frozen milk chocolate discs, and thick graham cracker crusts – being snatched up by the angelic cowgirl, who munches on it like an actual s’more sandwich while the gooey fillings spill out with each bite.  “Whoa, that’s quite a messy cheesecake we’ve made, no?”
“Well, it’s not meant to be eaten like that, for sure,” Shadow points out nervously as he watches Arizona finishes up the mess she’s made, getting the spilled contents on her plate and shoveling it all down like dinner scraps in just seconds.  
As soon as Angelic Emerald is done with that faux s’more sandwich, she lies back on her chair to let out another puff of breath – signifying the obvious.  Noticing this, everyone around her starts cheering to get the last cheesecake done ASAP.
“Here’s the last cheesecake of the challenge – the Peanut Butter Nightmare!  Get this one down and you’ll win!” Trixie insists excitedly as she slides the aforementioned cheesecake – which consists of cheesecake with peanut butter cups mushed at the bottom, a gooey chocolate glaze with crushed peanut butter cups on top, a dark chocolate crust, and peanut butter crème dallops on top.
Arizona nods affirmatively and proceeds to eat the Peanut Butter Nightmare bit by bit – taking pauses to sip her coffee between bites – to make the final leg of the journey more manageable.  
“All that sweetness does tend to be tiring, no?” Arthur points out nervously, with his true love nodding affirmatively without breaking her focus on eating the decadent peanut butter-laden cheesecake.
At this time, the surrounding audience continues to cheer for the cheesecake-loving cowgirl to finish.  Apparently, it works as Arizona pops the last bite of the Peanut Butter Nightmare into her mouth.  She then raises her fists up in triumph as everyone around her cheers while throwing confetti all around – before finally plopping on her seat with her eyes swirling in a drunken, cheesecake-induced daze.  
“Oh my!  Well, anyone would be knocked out after eating all of that cheesecake, no?” Celes chuckles nervously.
“Well, at least she’s won,” Trixie replies before raising her fist up cheerfully.  “Hooray for Arizona!”
Just then, Angelic Emerald wakes up without warning and then lets out another belch – this one so big and loud, it produces an earthquake-like vibration that sends everyone around her crashing to the ground.  Once the quick earthquake settles down, the audience gets back up as Arizona chuckles nervously.  “Sorry, y’all,” she says while blushing in embarrassment.  
“Not bad at all, Ari,” Trixie says complementally as she gives the angelic cowgirl a high-five.
“I’ve seen my fair share of belches, but this tops it all.  Does it have anything to do with your new Techno Angel form, Ari?” Arthur asks amusedly, with his true love shrugging her shoulders in response.
“Well, regardless of that, you’re the first ever winner to complete our Cheesecake Smorgasbord Challenge.  Congratulations, Angelic Emerald,” Shadow says as he shakes hands with the winner.  “Now then, as your prize, we will create a new cheesecake based on your preferences.”
And with that, the Holobat barista hands the angelic cowgirl a clipboard, which she wastes no time in writing down what she wants on her prize.  Once she slides it back to Shadow, he and Trixie look at what Arizona has written before nodding affirmatively.  “No problem, we’ll get on that right away,” the Pixicat barista finally says confidently before she and her true love run off to get started just like that.
A few minutes later, as everyone outside is waiting eagerly to find out what new cheesecake creation will be available – since Arizona has kept her mouth zipped up to avoid telling for obvious reasons – the moonling baristas finally returned with a new cheesecake and lay it down on the counter for everyone to see.
This new creation has cheesecake filling mixed with flame-shaped swirls of red, orange, and yellow fruits unknown at the time with slices of strawberries and red hot peppers laid neatly in a lattice pattern, with a dark chocolate graham crust containing it all.  Everyone is surprised by this and chuckles nervously while looking at each other.
“This is what Ari wants on her cheesecake creation, so what she wants, what she gets.  This is the Fiery Inferno, and as you can see, those are Carolina Reaper pepper slices on top along with those of strawberries.  And those fruity swirls are purees of oranges, pineapple, and a mixture of strawberries and Carolina Reapers, for those who are curious.  Yep, it’ll literally be an inferno in your mouth should anyone eat a slice,” Trixie replies with a mischievous chuckle.
Everyone around the coffee shop starts walking away in a slow, nervous fashion with anime-style sweat flying from their heads before zooming off in a collective cartoonish puff of smoke.  “Hmmph, wimps,” the Pixicat barista grumbles annoyingly while crossing her arms.
“I heard that Carolina Reapers are the hottest peppers on Earth.  Let’s see if that’s true,” a curious Kamin says as he takes a slice of the Fiery Inferno and starts eating it.  “Well, I have to say, this cheesecake is delicious . . .” he adds in before trailing off – as his face suddenly turns a glowing red with his ‘hair’ literally going up in flames Looney Tunes-style.  Despite this, he just sits there in a silent daze with wide glowing yellow eyes.
Outside the mall, the group is on its rooftop standing while watching the starry sky – as Kamin is shooting out glowing yellow comets with neon red flame trails from his mouth every five seconds.  As the comets fly off into space, they instantly freeze due to the absolute zero temperatures - forming into small fiery orange stars on the spot.  
Back down on Earth, an exhausted Kamin collapses on the rooftop with Celes running over to his side.  “Are you done cooling down, love?” she asks in a calm but concerned tone.
The Graphic Artnaval coughs a bit before getting back up and finally replies, “That cheesecake was immensely hot – but delicious just as much,” with amusing chuckles.
Celes rolls her eyes in annoyance and then gives her true love a big smooch on the lips.  Once she’s done, Kamin turns into a literal comet that suddenly flies out of her arms and into the sky.  She chuckles amusedly as the sky literally explodes in several neon blue, white, and turquoise heart-shaped fireworks.
Not long after, Kamin floats back down like a feather – scorched like earth and heart-shaped eyes beating like the real deal.  The Symphivoice chuckles before holding out her arms calmly and casually as her true love lands in her arms just like that.  “Am I hotter?” she asks seductively.
“Yeah . . . so much more . . .” the love-dazed Graphic Artnaval asks before shaking his head for obvious reasons.  Once he comes to, he adds in, “That takes ‘A Hunk of Burnin’ Love’ to a whole new level.”
Celes winks at her true love in response before embracing him on the spot, with Kamin following suit and returning the kiss.
Techno Angel Arizona Chapter 11
Here's chapter 11 now, with Arizona undertaking a cheesecake-eating challenge at Moonlight Mocha.  Hope you all like it :)


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To celebrate my return from my hiatus, I will hold a contest to last the whole summer to draw the characters from my ongoing serial novel, Techno Angel Mackenzie. No limits on how many can enter, but only three will win prizes.

1ST PRIZE: 5 requests from me

2ND PRIZE: 3 requests from me

3RD PRIZE: 1 request from me


:iconpotato--lord: > Sam ~ contest entry  by POTATO--LORD

:icondbcdude01: > My Entry for the Winter-Colorful Contest by DBCDude01

:icon763lilypadpandaowl: > Contest-Trixie by 763Lilypadpandaowl

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:icondelightfully-drawing: > Tough Love- Contest Submission by delightfully-drawing

Here are reference pictures for the main characters -

Talia - T.A.M. - Talia the Dragtronian by Winter-Colorful

Celesta - T.A.M. - Celesta the Symphvoice by Winter-Colorful

Twilight - T.A.M. - Twilight the LunarLady by Winter-Colorful

Mackenzie - T.A.M. - Mackenzie and her Moon Frisbee by Winter-Colorful

Trixie - TAM - Pixicat Trixie Again by Winter-Colorful

Arizona - TAM - Space Outlaw/Cowgirl Arizona by Winter-Colorful

David - T.A.M. David Harris as Onyx Knight by Winter-Colorful

Sam - TAM - Space Outlaw Samuel by Winter-Colorful

Serena - Techno Angel Serena Design by Winter-Colorful

Elec-Love and Apollo - TAZ - Elec-Love and Apollo by Winter-Colorful

Shadow, Kamin, and Tristan (ignore the names on the pic) - TAZ - Flash, Archie, and Sonic by Winter-Colorful

Serenity (the mouse-like character on the far left) - TAZ - Lumimaria, Radha, and Pixie by Winter-Colorful
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