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Mackenzie as Sakura Tachibana by Winter-Colorful Mackenzie as Sakura Tachibana :iconwinter-colorful:Winter-Colorful 5 0
Techno Angel Mackenzie Chapter 16
After yet another quick handout of coffee and cheesecake to the ever-growing Earthling patron line like clockwork, Mackenzie heads back to Rock ‘n’ Rose to check on Tsuki – who, sure enough, has gotten on the platform and starts up a game session of their own.  A Dragtronian and a Piximouse immediately follow suit, with the latter looking slightly from the normal Piximouse, as she has raccoon ears, purple eyeliner resembling a raccoon mask, and her mouse tail has brown and black stripes.  The golden angel’s eyes grow wide in surprise as she starts pondering about this unusual sight.  Could it be . . .?
“Hey sis!  Long time no see!” a male voice calls out to Mackenzie, which interrupts her line of thought.  “Ah, hey there, Serena.  I knew you would come here too.”
Both Techno Angels look over to a man in their age range walking over and joining the new band up at bat.  He wears a bulky yet smoo
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Techno Angel Mackenzie Chapter 15
The very moment the Techno Angel returns to Moon Princess Gallery via the usual means, Elec-Love and Apollo show up out of the blue and fly over to them.  “Greetings again, Mackenzie.  My sister and I are going to open the mall to the Earthling public now, but we want to have your decision as well.  Are you ready?” the blue computer star greets in a fatherly tone.
“Wait a minute,” the Techno Angel herself replies as she runs over to Rock ‘n’ Rose and snaps her now-glowing fingers.  Just like that, a plum purple quilt with purple crescent moons and yellow stars appears out of thin air and covers the arcade cabinet up just like that.  Mackenzie nods in satisfaction and then motions the computer siblings to open the mall doors with an assuring smile.
Elec-Love and Apollo nod in unison and whistle out loud.  Just like that, Talia and her Dragtronian brethren fly over to the entrance and open the doors.  One b
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Techno Angel Mackenzie Chapter 14
Suddenly, a ‘flood’ of moonlings shows up pouring out of the first floor like Nirvana Falls and spills over to the musical arcade game, forming into a straight, organized line as if they’re all water.  Vesper and Mackenzie look at each other with nervous expressions and walks over to the assembled line.
“Hello, everyone.  Welcome to mine and Vesper’s first art collaboration, Rock ‘n’ Rose.  It’s basically a rock band simulator where up to five players can play in a band and get high scores depending on how good you play,” the Techno Angel greets in a calm, professional tone.
“Just to let you know, these are not real guitars but tailor-made controllers to make the game accessible to those not familiar with them,” the Holobat programmer points out as he shows both the aforementioned guitars – which have five colored buttons on their necks instead of strings and a switch on their center bouts
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Techno Angel Mackenzie Chapter 13
Not long after, Mackenzie is now in another studio room – an exact duplicate of the others, but with glowing purple, gold, and yellow Tron lines – writing and drawing various details and sketches on her sketchbook.  She then leans back on her chair in an exhausted manner and lets out several puffs of relief.  Afterwards, she presses one of her earrings for obvious reasons.  “Come in, everyone.  I’m all set now,” she informs whoever’s on the other line.
Just like that, Vesper and the Piximusic band walk inside - with the musicians wielding their musical instruments, and the Holobat programmer with some arcade circuit-boards loaded with microchips and insert ports.  “All right, here’s how it’ll work – before Mackenzie can create the cabinet depending on what designs she’s conjured up, I need to program your songs onto these arcade circuit boards.  Give me a minute, okay?” Vesp
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Sandra and Merman Brian by Winter-Colorful Sandra and Merman Brian :iconwinter-colorful:Winter-Colorful 13 3 Sea Queen Sandra by Winter-Colorful Sea Queen Sandra :iconwinter-colorful:Winter-Colorful 13 6 Ai Aurelia for BoboMagroto by Winter-Colorful Ai Aurelia for BoboMagroto :iconwinter-colorful:Winter-Colorful 10 6
Ao Thief Rurika Chapter 4
A couple of hours later, Rurika, Alicia, and Azure are already on their way toward the Skystone-rich mine that the Carnation-Eyed Alchemist wishes to explore and collect.  Eventually, they come across such a giant earthly excavation up ahead on a mountainous terrain that looms amongst the clouds.  Hey, what do you expect from an ore called Skystone?
“Hmm . . .” Alicia says while examining the current surroundings.  “The terrain is too treacherous to climb on, so . . .”
“My climbing skills are top-notch.  C’mon, get on my back and we’ll be there in no time,” Rurika insists confidently.
“No, there’s a better way, believe me,” the blue-haired alchemist insists with a nervous chuckle.  “Just give me time for a Teleport spell and we’ll be there in no time.”
“Which will be compensated by the LONG preparation time . . .” the Ao Thief grumbles in annoyance as she s
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Ao Thief Rurika Chapter 3
The next morning, Rurika walks out of her room while stretching her arms.  She looks down at the floor below to see the inn’s staff assembling a continental breakfast using the tables.  Boiled eggs, doughnuts, and pots of coffee and orange juice are all that’s available considering the term itself.
The quirky thief wastes no time in dashing toward the doughnuts below – only to crash into someone in her blind, sugar-craving pursuit.  Both she and the person are down on the floor seeing stars animesque before they shake off their star-spangled daze.  Rurika looks over and gasps in surprise upon seeing the other woman shooting her with an angry glare and her arms folded.
This new woman has dark blue hair with a short bun laced with carnation flowers and rose quartz beads, with bright pink eyes that shine like rose quartzes, and is wearing a white robe with blue and pink carnations laced around the hood’s edges.
“So . . . we meet
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A Tropical Butterfae Adventure Chapter 21
Shortly afterward, Hippolyta is taking Angelily’s place on the set, waving hello in a causal cowgirl fashion and greets, “Howdy Y'all pepper lovers out there!  The name’s Hippolyta Phoenix, daughter and hopeful successor to Sirenitia Phoenix.  You’ve already met my little bro and future sister-in-law, who I don’t need explaining.
With that, the muscular phoenix plucks one of the Dragon’s Breath peppers and looks over it with a nervous expression.  “Ah . . . considering what you’ve just seen with Honey♥Pepper and this Dragon’s Breath pepper, I’m actually kinda scared of eating this.
Hippolyta grits her teeth in sheer determination and puts on a brave face.  “But no . . . I ain't-a chicken.  My family can deal with any fire, and this will be no exception.  So here goes!” she exclaims bravely before popping the neon orange pepper and starts che
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A Tropical Butterfae Adventure Chapter 20
CHAPTER 20 – Honey Pepper Gaming
When Angelily’s webcam comes on, the oceanic Butterfae herself is revealed on the Honey Pepper Gaming set with the Dragon’s Breath pepper bunch next to her.
“Greetings, pepper lovers, and welcome back to Honey Pepper Gaming.  This is Honey♥Pepper again this time with a big announcement,” she says with a courteous bow before holding out the aforementioned peppers for the camera to see.  “This is a bunch of a newly-bred pepper called the Dragon’s Breath – 2.84 million Scoville units, compared to the Carolina Pepper’s 1.57 million.  So yeah, this will be like sticking your tongue on the gates of Hades, but I’ll have to eat one to confirm.”
“That’ll be an understatement too,” Aaron mumbles nervously while poking his head out by the camera’s left side.”
An annoyed Angelily shoos the angelic fisherman out and then clears her throat.  
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A Tropical Butterfae Adventure Chapter 19
The next day, Angelily is relaxing on the shore of her house taking a nice suntan.  Meanwhile, up above, Phoebe and Aaron are up in the air with the angelic fisherman holding her mermaid girlfriend by the hand as he flies about in several loops de loops.  
“Wheeeeeeeee!!! I’ve always loved going out on these sky-high dates with ya, Aary,” Phoebe cries out while raising her free hand up in the air, having not a care in the world.
“Same here,” Aaron smiles with a nod as he continues looping about in an aimless fashion.
Eventually, the angelic fisherman gets dizzy from all of this aerial looping – as evidenced by his eyes now swirly in an animesque style.  He and Phoebe are about to fall down to the water when all of a sudden, a pair of muscular – yet feminine – arms catches them both.
“Huh?!” Aaron cries out, snapping out of his fatigue just like that.
Upon getting his bearings, the angelic fisherman se
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Mackenzie's Kokoro Commercial by Winter-Colorful Mackenzie's Kokoro Commercial :iconwinter-colorful:Winter-Colorful 8 4 Pregnant Ran and Kaito for DBCDude01 by Winter-Colorful Pregnant Ran and Kaito for DBCDude01 :iconwinter-colorful:Winter-Colorful 13 5 TAS - Playing Swimmer by Winter-Colorful TAS - Playing Swimmer :iconwinter-colorful:Winter-Colorful 7 3



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Later on in the moonling mothership, Team Emerald is back in the gym having another work-out.  Right now, the female members are lifting up dumbbells with massive weights on the ends to build their muscles up.  How massive, you may ask?  A ton on each end, to be exact – and yet, Arizona and Celes are lifting them up casually as if they’re a measly pound each.
The male members are nearby just standing in wide-eyed awe at their true love’s incredible strength.  “HOW ON EARTH are you two able to lift weights THAT massive?” Arthur asks in disbelief.
“You know, Artie – I’ve been doing this for a while we were apart,” Angelic Emerald points out as she walks over to give Sapphire Knight a hug with one hand while holding the dumbbell with the other.  “Exercise helps with stress/depression, y’know, and it works.”
Sapphire Knight smiles and then walks over to a nearby dumbbell – with a MUCH lower mass, just to let you know – and starts building up his own muscles.  “I’ve got plenty of bad emotions to work off myself – plus, I want to be strong to be there for you if you ever get in trouble,” he says bashfully.
“D’aww, that’s sweet of ya, cat,” Celes says with an affectionate chuckle.  “Don’t you agree Tsu? . . . Tsu?”
The super-strong Symphivoice looks over to her husband in time to see him lifting up a dumbbell as well, sweating out quite a fountain from lifting up and down at a furiously fast pace to catch up.  Knowing all too well why Tsuyoshi’s doing this, Celes smiles as she walks over and gives him a soft, long kiss.  The lead Graphic Artnaval throws the dumbbell aside and slowly embraces his true love.
“They’re kinda like a mirror image of us, no?” Arizona asks with an amused smile.
“When it comes to true love, yes,” Arthur replies as he puts an arm around his true love.
“Same here with us,” Iris’ voice adds in out of the blue.
The heterosexual couple looks over to their homosexual counterpart walks over to them waving hello.  “Well, this place has everything you want, yes, Arizona?  ESPECIALLY this gym,” Solana points out with an amused smile.  “Then again, I’m very much an athletic myself.”
“We ALL know that, love,” Angelic Prism points out amusedly.  “Especially your ninja skills – which Arizona has faithfully replicated in that arcade game she’s created.”
“Oh . . . you’ve found out about that, already?” Angelic Emerald asks with a nervous giggle.  
“Yes.  But I’ve improved since the last time we’ve hanged out together.  Allow me to demonstrate,” Angelic Solar replies confidently as she closes her eyes and does a Tai Chi pose to gather as much ‘chi’ as she can.
Now ready, the golden kunoichi jumps upward toward the ceiling – but not before landing a complete 180o to land upside down.  She then runs along the ceiling’s entire length with the speed of a cheetah before latching on the wall with her fingernails, sliding down to the floor using them to slow her descent.  Once she’s back on the floor, Solana jumps toward the trampoline head-on and grabs on it, scurrying across to the left end before somersaulting rapidly towards the climbing rope.  Angelic Solar starts swinging around in a diagonal, whirling fashion within a minute until the rope reaches the ceiling – and once it does, she swings off toward the chain loop obstacle course and catches the first loop with her left toes.  The golden kunoichi starts swinging across each subsequent loop with her feet with the speed and grace of a swan until she reaches the end.  With that, Solana somersaults rapidly down onto the nearest punching bag and lands down on it, slamming her target down to the floor.  She gets her feet out of the bag, leaving a deep impression on it.
“What do you think of that?” Angelic Solar finally asks as she brushes the fluff off her legs.
“I’d say you’d curbstomp Mackenzie on a whim, no doubt about that,” Arizona replies amusedly before clapping her hands in applause, with the others following suit.
“Like I said before, I’m not the competitive type,” Solana points out annoyingly before walking back to Iris.  “How about you show them your training so far?”
“Uh . . . I don’t know . . . I’m still a rookie ninja-wise,” Angelic Prism replies nervously with accompanying sweatdrop.  “I mean, you pretty much put me to shame with your demonstration.”
“Iris, I never intend to intimidate anyone with my skills unless they’re enemies,” Angelic Solar assures while hugging her colorful beloved.  “In fact, it should have helped you understand more about the art of Ninjutsu.”
Iris herself smiles with confidence and then notices several moonlings playing a game nearby that’s not so different from Balloon Fight.  They’re all flying about with balloons strapped to their waists above a pool with a cylindered safety net around its edges, popping each other’s circular air-filled ‘lifelines’ until one remains flying victoriously while the others are soaking wet in defeat.
The musical Techno Angel nods with an amused smile and then undergoes a transformation sequence similar to her brethren, with this one bathed in a rainbow-like aurora borealis with colorful musical notes and stars flying throughout.  Once it dissipates seconds later, Iris is now revealed in a turquoise leotard-style swimsuit with silver hearts clipped on.
“I can show my improved agility and speed, at least.  Watch, but don’t have your expectations TOO high,” Iris points out as she flies over to the game area.
Upon arriving at the pool, Angelic Prism takes on many belts with two giant balloons strapped on each and puts it on.  She waves hello to the many Piximasks and Graphivoices flying about - who waves back at her in return – before she flaps upward into the balloon-filled fray.
“Greetings, Angelic Prism.  I’ve heard you’re a ninja-in-training – as am I,” Lumimaria greets amusingly.
“Same here.  We’re pretty much ninja pals,” Wavelander replies as he shows up and gives the Piximask a high-five.
“Well, that’s nice.  Let us improve each other and others, shall we?” Iris replies amusedly – just before leaping onto the ninja-in-training duo’s balloons, popping one from each other before flying upwards giggling.
“Oh, you sneak!  Here I come!” Lumimaria grumbles annoyingly as she flies off toward her angelic opponent – but not before kicking one of Wavelander’s balloons to pop it when he least expects it.  “See ya, Wavelanda!”
The Graphivoice himself clenches his teeth in anger as he flaps his arms upward to the ceiling to gain the high ground.  Upon reaching there, he looks down to see his main opponents chasing each other in circles.  In response, Wavelander shrugs his shoulders to the reader before letting himself fall down on whoever he’ll land on.
Iris winds up being the target, as the Graphivoice sends her falling down to the pool like a cartoon anvil.  The new Techno Angel yelps in panic as she flaps her arms frantically to stay afloat just as she touches the very tip of the pool’s surface.  She succeeds in staying afloat by that point – but not before getting one of her balloons popped by Lumimaria, who sticks her tongue out before going after Wavelander next.
“Well, I never!” an annoyed Iris pouts while heading back up into the balloon-filled skies.
Meanwhile, Lumimaria is flying about in the ceiling without a care in the world just as Iris joins her.  The Piximask yelps in fright as she and the prism angel try to stay on the top to avoid getting pounced.  Due to the pressure though, each of the kunoichi-in-trainings’ balloon bunch gets popped by one with another about to give out from being squeezed against the ceiling.
Both balloon fliers yelp in fright upon seeing this and let themselves float down to the middle of the playing field.  Once there, Lumimaria kicks one of Iris’s balloons into oblivion with a sneaky giggle.  Just before the Piximask can flap away in triumph, Wavelander appears from out of the blue and kicks another of her balloons out in a sneak attack.  Just as he tries to sneak on by, Lumimaria realizes this and squeezes one of the Graphivoice’s balloons against the safety net.
“HEY!” Wavelander squeals in surprise as the aforementioned balloon pops all of a sudden.  
The Piximask chuckles amusedly just before her own balloon bunch gets stomped by Angelic Prism, popping another balloon off.  She groans in annoyance as Iris flies upwards, chuckling all the way.
Once the prism angel reaches the ceiling once again, she sees her moonling opponents speeding upwards with angry faces.  She snickers amusedly just before she stops flapping – falling down anvil-style again.
“WAHH!?!” Lumimaria and Wavelander screech in surprise just before hitting the ceiling hard, each losing a balloon as a result.
Iris laughs out loud in response to her opponents’ recklessness – only to get grabbed by the legs by a peeved-off Lumimaria – who then winds her angelic opponent up like a curveball and throws her at an angle.  Just like that, the hapless Iris starts bouncing and bashing all over the play field like a pinball in such a machine.
Once all of her balloons are popped as a result of her pinball antics, Angelic Prism stops on a dime with a big glowing red ‘TILT’ flashing above her head.  Now all swirly-eyed and seeing silver pinballs, she falls down to the water unceremoniously.
Having seen all of this nearby, Wavelander laughs out loud as well – not seeing his Piximask opponent flying over.  Once he finally sees this, it’s too late - Lumimaria takes out a nylon rope from her hammerspace account and wraps it around the Graphivoice’s waist.  Once she revs it up, Wavelander starts spinning like a toy top at a blinding blur.  The Piximask then flies up above her hybrid opponent and taps her toes in a blur, popping all of Wavelander’s balloons just like that.  With no more balloons to keep her afloat, the spinning Graphivoice starts floating down to the pool and drills right through its surface.  
The result is a small water cyclone that sends both Angelic Prism and Wavelander, still dizzy from their dizzying antics, hopping about like Mexican jumping beans much to Lumimaria’s giggling amusement.  With that, she flies down to the cyclone itself and enters to enjoy the bumpy ride with her defeated opponents.  “WEEEEE!  YAHOOOOOO!” she cries out excitedly throughout the duration of the ride.
Shortly after that aquatic calamity, the kunoichi-in-training walk over to the group, all soaked and dizzy from the pool game.  “Well . . . I told you not to have high expectations . . . but I did well, didn’t I?” Iris asks with a nervous giggle.
“You did in my eyes.  We were on ‘sudden death’ mode by the time you got eliminated,” Lumimaria complements as she squeezes the excess water out of her hair.
“I agree.  We all still have much to learn, of course,” Wavelander agrees as he’s about to faint before his parents run over to catch him.
“I know you did our best, Iris.  The point of Ninjutsu is to keep improving yourself – never settle down,” Solana assures as she embraces her true love.
“Thanks, Solana.  I won’t,” Angelic Prism replies softly as she embraces Angelic Solar.  “For you, my love.”
Solana nods and then carries her true love over to the smoothie bar, knowing Iris is too tired and exhausted to make it on her own, with the others following suit with the other ninjas-in-training.
At their destination, the former balloon fliers are happily drinking all-fruit smoothies, all perky and cheerful now.  “Ah, thanks for these smoothies, Ari.  They really hit the spot,” a relieved Iris says before taking another sip of her own.
“Pineapple is known to perk you up just like coffee, because of its high manganese content, which helps your body’s energy production,” Lumimaria points out like a biology teacher would.  “Consider it a natural alternative to that Jolt Cola.”
Arizona nods in agreement as she sips her usual cherry smoothie.  “So what are you two planning to do after this?” she asks the new angelic couple on the block.
“I’ll be starting up that movie project once I have everything set up – sets, actors, effects, you know?” Solana replies casually as she sips her own pineapple smoothie before looking over to the former balloon fliers.  “Would you three like to participate?”
“You should know by now,” Iris replies excitedly as she gives her fellow ninjas-in-training a high-five.  “As I said before, I’ll always be there to back you up, Solana.”  
“Now, regarding choices for more actors, you can get the Pixibat family and Mackenzie – IF she wants to join in, that is,” Lumimaria suggests with a wink.
“Good luck with that.  She’s elusive like a genuine shinobi – that, and she’s ALWAYS busy – work and now romance-wise,” Wavelander points out.
“Nothing’s wrong with just asking,” Celes assures casually while drinking a strawberry smoothie.  “Now when you’re ready to start rollin’ with the filmin’, take your time.  I assume you know how this mothership operates time-wise?”
“I do now, and rest assured, I have great patience.  All true ninjas do,” Solana assures with a confident nod.
“We know that already considering Mackenzie’s presence,” Tsuyoshi replies with an amused smile.
Nearby in the shadowy distance of the gym, Angelic Luna is watching the group from the gym’s entrance doors.  Seeing the three main couples chatting peacefully before softly embracing each other – while Lumimaria and Wavelander tiptoe away to continue exercising – brings an assured smile to her face.  Relieved that all is well, Mackenzie gently closes the doors and flies away silently – like a true shinobi, just like Tsuyoshi said – to continue whatever she’s planning at the moment.

Techno Angel Arizona Chapter 12
Here's the twelfth and last chapter of Techno Angel Arizona, which serves as foreshadowing for Solana and Iris' own season in the near future.  Hope you all like it and look out for Season 6 :)


Later that day, Arizona is walking through the Maryland city streets while surveying her surroundings.  She takes a deep breath and lets it out – considering she’s been in Night Flights Mall for a while now, it’s about time she has come out for some fresh air.  Just then, Celes pokes her head out of the angelic cowgirl’s hair and looks around with a curious smile.
“So what do you think of my home city, Celes?” Arizona asks as she walks up to the nearby apartment building and presses the doorbell, waiting for a response.
“It’s quaint, hon.  I don’t mind a change of scenery now and then – y’know, for adventure’s sake,” the lead Symphivoice whispers amusedly as she takes a puff from a strawberry candy cigarette.
Just then, Tsuyoshi pops up from Angelic Emerald’s neon green tie-dye backpack.  “Hey, cut down on the candy grass.  You’re attracting unwanted attention with all that smoke,” he warns his hippie wife concernedly.
“Sorry, love.  I keep forgetting we’re on human grounds,” Celes replies nervously as she crushes her cigarettes into dust with one hand before hiding back in Angelic Emerald’s hair.
By this time, the angelic cowgirl has just arrived at the penthouse floor and is about to open the door when she notices some blinking lights coming from the bottom crevice.  “Uh oh . . . we got an intruder in my old room, y’all.  Stay hidden ‘til I ask for your help, ‘k?” she informs her moonling friends just as she whips out her golden six-shooters.
With that, Arizona kicks the door open and charges in, aiming her golden guns forward – only for a hand to smack down on them both, disarming the angelic cowgirl on the spot.  Just then, a feminine figure in shadow kicks Angelic Emerald against the nearby wall and pins her there before she can strike back.
“WHAT THE BLAES ARE YOU DOING IN MY ROOM, YOU COTTON-PICKIN’ ROBBERS?!” Arizona cries out in anger as she struggles to break free.
In response, the shadowy woman gasps in surprise and lets Arizona go just like that.  “Arizona?  Is that you?” she finally asks in a calm Japanese voice.
“Wha . . .” the confused angelic cowgirl asks before turning the lamp next to her on.  She gasps in awe upon seeing the woman before her, now revealed in the light.  She looks exactly like Arizona’s description of Solana from ‘Lunar Ninjas From The Future’ – tanned skin, golden blonde hair, and wearing yellow and gold clothes, among other details.  “Solana?!  Is that really you?!” Angelic Emerald cries out in surprise.
“I can stay the same for you, Arizona,” Solana herself replies with a relieved smile before embracing her old friend without hesitation.
Angelic Emerald’s eyes start welling up with tears before giving her old friend a big bear hug in return.  “Ohhh!  I miss ya so much, Sunflower!  You’ve been here all this time, haven’t you?”
“Awaiting for your return, yes – but I’m not alone,” an overjoyed Solana smiles, unfazed by her cowgirl friend’s mighty hug.
Upon hearing this, Arizona drops Solana gently and looks around for anyone else in the room – and notices the nearby bed trembling violently for obvious reasons.  She walks over and casually lifts up the entire bed with one hand to see another woman in her age range shivering in fear with her eyes closed.  This particular woman has neon pink hair tied up in several large birds with a large odango on top, and is wearing tie-dye clothes and pants.
“Uh, Iris?” Angelic Emerald asks assuredly, with the pink-haired woman suddenly looking upwards in surprise.
“Ari?!  Wow, you’ve become THIS strong?!  Have you been hitting on those drugs?!” Iris exclaims in wide-eyed awe as she quickly gets out of the spot.
“No way, sugah cube!  I’m a Techno Angel now, and my strength is tripled as a result of that,” Arizona assures as she puts the bed back down.  “I live somewhere else now.  I just came back to get my swag when I found you two here.  You felt safe here, don’t you?” she adds in with a sympathetic smile.
“Well, you know why . . . but there’s another reason . . . one that’ll shun us publically for sure . . .” Iris replies sadly as she and Solana hold hands like a romantic couple would.
Arizona nods sympathetically as she puts her hands on her old friends’ shoulders.  “Well, tell ya what – how coming over to my new home?  You’ll be safe there 100%,” she offers assuredly.
Iris and Solana look at each other with curious, hopeful faces before looking back.  “Well, what other option do we have?  Could you take us there, please?” the pink-haired woman asks with a confident smile.
“All righty then.  Let me get my stuff, and we’ll take you there lickety-split,” Angelic Emerald assures with a wink as she runs off to do so.
“We?” the homosexual couple asks in confusion while looking for each other – when Celes and Tsuyoshi show up and walk up to them.
“She’s referring to us, gals.  You must be Solana, yes?  Pleased to meet ya, cat,” the lead Symphivoice greets while holding up her hand.
“EEK!” both Iris and Solana cry out in surprise before fainting on the spot anime-style.
“Well . . . pretty much the reaction I expected,” an annoyed Tsuyoshi mumbles while crossing her arms, while his firefly wife chuckles nervously.
Back at Night Flights, Angelic Emerald has just returned while holding Iris and Solana in her arms, putting them both newcomers before the entrance, with Talia and her Dragtronian guard standing on the sides.  “Howdy, dragon gals,” the angelic cowgirl greets pleasantly with appropriate hand gesture.
“Greetings to you too, Angelic Emerald.  I assume those ladies you have there are old acquaintances, yes?” Talia asks with a calm smile.
Arizona nods cheerfully, while Iris and Solana follow suit in a rapid, nervous fashion.  When you’re face-to-face with giant robotic dragons, you’d be nervous and overwhelmed, too.
“Well, let us see if they’ll be accepted.  Just walk in, ladies,” Talia instructs casually as she and her Dragtronian guard set aside to allow for all three ladies to enter.
Arizona can see that her old friends are still nervous and put her arms around their shoulders with a comforting smile as the three of them walk in through the neon-lit door with the transparent barrier.
Inside the mall now, the ladies continue walking – with Iris and Solana closing their eyes in a clenching manner.  Arizona rolls her eyes annoyingly and taps on their shoulders rapidly to get their attention.
When the homosexual couple finally opens their eyes, they’re stunned by the many neon-laden sights and sounds before them.  “Holy . . . moly . . .” Iris exclaims in wide-eyed awe.  “OUT OF THIS WORLD!”
“Literally.  Once you’re done gawking your senses out, take a look at your now garbs and wings,” Arizona replies with a wink.
“Wha . . .” Solana asks as she and her lover do as they’re told and gasp in surprise at their new Techno Angel forms.
The golden woman is now fashioned like her 8-bit portrayal – a short-sleeved white jumpsuit underneath a metallic golden qipao with sunflowers attached to its bottom rim, a yellow corset with a sunflower-shaped topaz with a sunny yellow obi, and black high-heel tabi boots with gold accents.  She also has sunflower-shaped brocades with trailing transparent yellow ribbons on her hair, and her Techno Angel wings are metallic golden with sunny orange light emanating from underneath.
As for iris, she’s dressed up as a MTV host from the 80’s – a white short-sleeved  business shirt with a tie-dye rainbow necktie, metallic silver business pants, and black high heel boots with prism laces, diamond-embedded knee guards, and glowing prism soles.   Her hair is done in a crescent moon with the rest down in wavy curls with yellow star charms all over, and her arms are covered in sheet music tattoos with colorful musical notes throughout.  Finally, her own Techno Angel wings are metallic silver with prism colors blinking and glowing underneath.
“Oh wow!  We look absolutely outrageous, don’t we?” the prism Techno Angel exclaims cheerfully while jumping up and down.
The sunny Techno Angel rolls her eyes in annoyance but then smiles as she walks over to her lover and embraces her softly.  “You could say that.  I’m just glad that we’re accepted here,” she finally says as a tear runs down her cheek.
Just then, Elec-Love and Apollo show up and fly over to the angelic trio.  “Oh my!  New Techno Angels!  Greetings, and welcome to Night Flights Mall,” the pink computer heart exclaims warmly.
“Uh . . . hello there,” Solana greets back as she and Iris hold hands.  “I am Solana Soieil, and this is my . . . lover, Iris Amitola.  I assume Arizona already told you all about us already?”
“Yes, and we sympathize with your plight – considering you and Mackenzie are like peas in a pod,” Apollo points out with a sad smile, much to the angelic lover’s wide-eyed surprise.
“Mackenzie Harris is here?!  Oh dear, I hope you’ve been taking care of here since that dreadful exodus,” a concerned Solana points out while crossing her arms.
“Yes, we have, rest assured.  In fact, she and her art are widely popular around here despite her being low-profile 95% of the time,” Elec-Love points out with an assuring smile.  “She’s a Techno Angel here as well, by the codename “Angelic Luna”.  As for you two – “Angelic Solar” for Solana, and “Angelic Prism” for Iris.  Is that all right with you?”
“Yes, that’s fitting enough,” Angelic Prism herself replies with an amused smile as she looks to her new wings, the bottom sides blinking and glowing like neon Christmas lights.  “So, what DO you do in this mall?”
“Well, we have many job openings that are constant everyday – the coffeeshop known as Moonlight Mocha, the drive-in theater called Celestial Comet-On, the art gallery Moon Princess, and so on,” Apollo points out casually as he shows the aforementioned places the way a typical tour guide would.  “Take your pick, but take your time to get accustomed to our humble abode.”
With that, the sentient computer siblings fly away to leave the new Techno Angels to their own devices.  “Uh . . . well, uh . . . where should we start, Ari?” Iris asks the angelic cowgirl, still overwhelmed by the mall’s sights and sounds.
“Well, first of all, you need to find a place where you will work frequently.  Which one sparks your interest?” Arizona asks as she stands in front of the angelic couple, taking over as tour guide from here on out.
Angelic Solar and Prism look over at Moonlight Mocha and chuckle nervously at how crammed it is, employee and patron-wise – literally, with them all stuffed at the counter, eager for that oh-so-heavenly taste of coffee.
“Well, Solana and I tend to quite the moviegoers during our dates.  How about that drive-in Apollo mentioned?” Iris suggests pleasantly, with Angelic Emerald nodding with a wink before motioning her now-angelic acquaintances to follow her, which they do without hesitation.
Upon arriving at Celestial Comet-On, the angelic trio walks over to a nearby refreshment stand that looks like a circus vendor from the 50’s/60’s – bright, colorful with primary colors all around, and a glass display underneath the counter, showing plastic life-like dioramas of the current menu – popcorn in a striped bucket, pepperoni pizza, ice cream in waffle cones, soda in colorful floral cups, and other treats/snacks/meals associated with drive-in intermissions.
“We could really use some people to take the reins of this stand every time these hungry patrons come a-chargin’.  Are you up to this challenge?” Arizona asks, with the new angelic couple nodding affirmatively in unison.  “All righty then.  Good luck, sugah cubes.”
As if already on clockwork, Angelic Prism starts doling out burgers and pizza slices Flipline-style, assembling them piece by piece with as much as precision and accuracy she can muster before sliding them over to Angelic Solar, who prepares in the same Gameria manner with equal accuracy along with the eagle-like grace and speed of her 8-bit version – frying fries, popping popcorn, and setting salads up while filling the aforementioned floral cups with sodas of various flavors.  Upon catching the main dishes, she puts them and the sides both in red-and-white striped holder boxes before putting them aside for the patrons for purchase.
Once the new intermission parlor clerks are done with the meal assembling, they fly up to the ceiling and watch amusedly as a stampede of patrons comes along in a giant cartoonish cloud toward the goodies on display.  After engulfing them like the Blob – the 80’s version – would to its victims, they scurry back to their seats as fast as they came – leaving a mountain of dollar bills on the counter.
As the dust settles, the angelic couple floats back down and looks up at the pile of green they’ve accumulated already.  They give each other a high-five and a loving embrace before resuming their new job in the same fashion just now.
A few hours later, Angelic Emerald and her group are heading to Celestial Comet-On.  Both Celes and Tsuyoshi are finally – and literally – out of Arizona’s hair, drinking M.M. espresso to woke up from their naps.  “Well, now I feel what it’s like to have critters in my hair like that Lady Lovelylocks gal,” the angelic cowgirl says with an amused chuckle.
“Just make sure your hair won’t catch fire when we’re in it, Ari,” the lead Symphivoice chuckles nervously before taking a sip of her triple chocolate-infused cup of caffeine.  “I like it really hot, but not THAT hot.”
“Getting to another subject now, how are Angelic Solar and Prism doing right now with their new jobs?” the lead Graphic Artnaval asks nervously.
The answer to that question shows up without warning – in the form of Solana and Iris rolling a wheelbarrow out of the drive-in – filled with green that almost reaches the mall’s ceiling.  Upon sees Team Emerald, they stop on a screeching halt.
“Whoa, you’re here too, Arthur?” Iris asks in wide-eyed awe/
“Yes.  Sapphire Knight at your service,” the hawk-modeled Techno Knight himself replies with a nod as he puts an arm around Angelic Emerald’s shoulder.  “We’ve already reconciled, if you want to know.”
“I’m happy for you two.  I hope your relationship will be upgraded soon, if you know what I mean,” Solana replies with a wink.  “Now if you’re curious, these are the tips that we’ve accumulated since we’ve started.  The patrons were undoubtedly starving at that time, due to the intermission station not open for a LONG time.”
Team Emerald nods nervously while bringing their heads with accompanying sweatdrops.  They bring their heads up with Arizona asking pleasantly, “So are you cool with the new job?”
“Actions speak louder than words, they always say,” the golden kunoichi points out with a satisfied smile as she points up to the money mountain.  “Of course, we’re the charitable type, so let us know if you’re short of cash.”
“That won’t be a problem, Sunflower,” Angelic Emerald assures as she gets out a wallet from her vest pocket and shows it to her fellow Techno Angels.  Just like that, a pinwheel of several dollar bills pops out from it and starts spinning around like the real deal against the wind.  But I’m sure the mall’s staff would appreciate a hefty donation now and then.”
“Once we’re financially stable, we will.  Be right back, all right?” Iris assures with a thumbs-up as she and Solana resume rolling the wheelbarrow to their unknown destination.  Curious to see where they’re going, Team Emerald follows the new Angels on the Block, catching the bills that fly away from the mountain in the process.
Inside the moonling’s mothership, the new angelic couple continues their money towing through the neon-laden corridors with their techno friends following and cleaning up in their wake.  They finally stop before a door not unlike the studio rooms and open it up, allowing Team Emerald to take a look inside Scooby-Doo style.
The angelic couple’s new home has a unique yin-yang fashion in terms of design and contents.  Iris’ side is signified by swirly rainbow wallpaper has several compact discs and laserdiscs on display in various colors, several sound and musical equipment such as synthesizers, guitars, and a drum kit - and woven figures of cats, doves, angelfish, and other animals she likes.
Solana’s side – as indicated by sunflower-laden wallpaper with golden leaves, a wide garden of sunflowers along the western wall, a shelf full of Japanese history books going back to the Sengoku era, and a large desk with a top shelf filled with manuscripts and a typewriter on its table.  
Finally, in the center of the room is a large queen’s bed for the two to sleep in together.
“Well, you lovebirds sure waste no time making yourself at home,” Arizona says amusedly as she and everyone else walk in.
“Hmm . . .” Tsuyoshi says as he surveys the surroundings with an amused smile.  “Let me guess . . . Iris, you make music, right?” he asks Angelic Prism herself, who nods affirmatively.  “And Solana . . . you write novels and screenplays, yes?”
“Exactly.  In fact, I would like to make movies out of some of them, if it’s all right with the mall’s staff,” the sunny Techno Angel replies with a hopeful smile.
“As long as you have a big enough budget, nothing’s stopping you,” the lead Graphic Artnaval replies with a nod.  “First, do you have experience with professional filmmaking?”
“I graduated from film school recently – so yes, I’m ready to put that experience to work,” Solana replies confidently as she does a Bao Quan pose to show she means business.
“Regarding my music, it’s different from the traditional.  I use 8-bit music and sound effects to make ‘chiptunes’.  Follow me and I’ll show you what I mean,” Iris explains casually as she leads the group to a nearby holo-computer desk, where she sits down and starts working immediately.  
The others watch as Angelic Prism opens up the music tracking software on there, uploads various wave forms and samples of Atari and arcade games she’s collected, and starts manipulating and altering them all via pitches, speed control, and tempos.  In a matter of five minutes, the colorful Techno Angel starts up the song she’s just created for everyone to hear.  It sounds awesome and catchy with 8-bit renditions of underwater sounds and mixed with guitar and drum samples – something Anamanaguchi would later create in the future.  Once it finishes playing, the audience claps their hands with thunderous applause.
“Uh . . . thanks,” Iris mumbles bashfully as she blushes a luminescent red.  
“You should be proud of such magnifico, cat,” Celes points out assuredly.
“I am, but I won’t make the same mistakes as our former employers,” Angelic Prism replies concernedly, with her Emerald and Prism counterparts nodding in understanding.
“Yeah, it was a disaster – not only because of our jobs liquidated, but also our deepest secret almost revealed to the public,” Angelic Solar replies as she walks over and holds her lover’s hand in a tight, comforting manner.  “But no matter what happens from here on out, I’ll always be here for you.  You know that, right?” she adds in with a comforting smile.
“The same here, Solana.  I love you with all my heart and soul.  Remember that,” Iris agrees as she looks up to her true love with a tearful smile.
With that, the angelic couple embraces each other as tears of relief run down their cheeks.  It isn’t long before Arizona and Celes start crying silently too, touched by the sight of true love before them.
“Aw . . . beautiful, gals,” Angelic Emerald says between sobs.
“I agree . . . that’s a true example of love there,” the lead Symphivoice adds in before wiping her tears away with a handkerchief.
Iris and Solana look over to Team Emerald with grateful smiles and walk over to embrace the techno quartet on the spot.  “Thank you,” they both say softly as their techno acquaintances return the embrace on the spot.
Techno Angel Arizona Chapter 11
Here's chapter 11 now, featuring two new Techno Angels to the series: Solana Soieil aka Angelic Solar, and Iris Amitola aka Angelic Prism - and they're a homosexual couple, in time to celebrate Pride Month.  Hope you all like this chapter :)


Back inside the mall, Arizona is busy conjuring up more of her techno magic within the Arcade Arena.  Upon building a circular sphere of flame with the same neon green and white sparkles as before, she throws it before her and watches as it bursts into a shining white light.  Once it subsides, an arcade cabinet appears in its place much to the angelic cowgirl’s grinning amusement.
“Ah, you’ve went and made yet another arcade game, eh?” Clover asks as she and her Symphivoice brethren walk over to their angelic friend.
“The cabinet design is quite impressive, as well,” Arthur adds in as he suddenly appears next to Arizona.  Cloaking device, y’know.
Indeed, the cabinet consists of a holo-screen with the traditional arcade control panel with glowing crescent moons, crystalline purple shuriken, and needle-sharp topazes wrapped around a border of steel chains.  Dragon wing-shaped katanas are on the marquee spot in a crossbone fashion with the neon words “Lunar Ninjas of the Future” blinking in and out like an ‘Eat at Joe’s’ sign.  
Upon looking at the attract screen, Sapphire Knight and the Symphivoices notice that the playable character sprite looks striking similar to Mackenzie despite wearing an outfit between traditional Japanese ninja and 80’s street brawler garb.  It makes sense considering the game’s title, yes?
“So you’re not the only one who believes Mackenzie would be a great ninja, eh?” Arthur asks with an amused smirk.
“Everyone knows it.  But Mac’s just too humble to admit it, so much untapped potential – so I honed it here.  Of course, she’s not the only candidate as you can see,” Angelic Emerald points at some of the other ninjas the Angelic Luna-styled ninja is fighting against – who looks strikingly similar to Lumimaria, Vesper, and another human woman with tanned skin to the point of looking brown, golden blond hair with odangoes and wearing all gold and yellow.  
“Ah cool – but who’s the golden cat, may I ask?” Clover asks curiously, as she points at the new face.
“That’s Solana – another former animator whom disappeared not long after the incident that forced her, Mackenzie, and many others into hiding years ago.  I hope she’s all right . . .” Arizona asks with a sad smile crossing her lips.  “But knowing her and my future sis-in-law recently resurfacing, I have hope.  Sol rivals her in ninja awesomeness, so that’s why I put her likeness here.”
“Tribute to an old friend . . . very nice,” Arthur replies with a bittersweet smile.  “But . . .”
“I know what you’re about to say, but wait a minute,” Angelic Emerald points out as she gets out a quarter and inserts it into the cabinet, which transitions to a character select screen.  “See?  You can select any of the four to pit against the others.  They all get equal attention and respect here.”
Arthur and the lunar fireflies nod with assured smiles all around as the angelic game designer chooses the Solana-styled kunoichi and starts a game immediately.
Inside the game itself, Solana is charging through a ravaged, ghost city that looks like as it was nuked recently – blood-soaked streets, razed buildings, dead trees, and the sky blackened with nuclear clouds - with the speed and grace of an eagle. It isn’t long before the golden kunoichi comes across the first wave of enemies to deal with – several Angelic Luna ‘clones’ leaping forward with ninja claws that resemble crescent moons.  
In response to this, Solana summons a kusari-gama that resembles a stemmed rose complete with thorns in her arms and whips it at the lunar kunoichi, slicing them in half as she charges through the barrage – no bloodshed though, for obvious reasons.  They disappear instantaneously just like 8-bit enemies – only for more to replace them just as instantly.
Solana quickly jumps absurdly high in response, similar to another ninja from a certain Taito arcade game also featuring ninjas.  She lands on the first windowsill she comes across and looks to her left and right to survey her current surroundings.  Suddenly, several Vesper ‘clones’ show up flying through the air and began dive-bombing the golden kunoichi like they’re actual ninjas operating hang gliders.
Another performing another super jump to avoid the kamikaze Holobats, Solana fires several stemless sunflowers at them to take them out in several bursts of purple smoke.  Having had enough of these dive-bombing pests, the golden kunoichi somersaults off the windowsill and fires more shuriken-type sunflowers in a wide angle Shinobi-style.  Upon returning to the streets, several of her flowery projectiles have dispatched many Lumimaria-styled kunoichi, who disappear just like their Angelic Gold-styled counterparts did.  Just before Solana can react, several more of the Piximask ninjas come down at her like an avalanche and kicks her to submission, stomping her around like a fire to extinguish.
The next round begins with Solana back on her feet – and then spinning around ballerina-style as a geyser of sunflower petals surrounds her all of a sudden.  Once it subsides, the golden kunoichi is nowhere to be seen – in-universe, that is.  She’s now transparent so the player can see and control her still as she charges past the idle Piximasks as they sit down and meditate silently for the target that never comes – in their eyes, at least.  By the time Solana has bypassed the althetic moonling hybrids, her invisibility wears off instantaneously as she continues her charge with the boldness of a cheetah.  
Suddenly without wearing, a wide ‘spray’ of crystalline purple shuriken rains down on their intended target – who jumps away just in time as their thrower – another Mackenzie-styled kunoichi – makes the scene.  The golden kunoichi leaps upward to fire her own shuriken, only for her lunar counterpart to double-jump with another shuriken wave.  Solana counters this by repeating the same move – only for Mackenzie to follow suit a third time.
As if she knows this is going nowhere, the golden kunoichi does a triple jump and charges at her lunar counterpart with kusari-gama a-whippin’, taking her out on the spot.  With that, Solana lands back on the pavement in time to see several smoke bombs as they head toward their enemy.  The golden kunoichi jumps upward just as a smoke bomb explodes at the spot she was at and unleashes another shuriken spray at the gliding Holobats, sending them to oblivion just like their predecessors.  
By the time Solana returns to the streets, the smoke from the bomb she evaded has permeated throughout the area.  Once the golden kunoichi comes in contact with the fumes, she suddenly collapses dead on the spot.  No need to tell what that stuff is.
On the third and final round, the golden kunoichi is back on her feet and on the run again.  As she charges forward in her usual eagle-like grace, she comes across a barrage of more Lumimaria-styled kunoichi spinning around with sais in their hands – literal tornados of death.
In response to this, Solana raises her left hand upwards to the sky as her fingernails start glowing a bright yellow.  As if on her command, a burst of sunlight shines brightly throughout the area with beam-like rays disintegrates all of the Piximasks within the radius.  With the current threat dealt with easily and spectacularly, the golden kunoichi resumes her charge as the sunny radiance fades away just like that.
Eventually, Solana comes across a manhole cover that’s labeled ‘EXIT’.  Upon jumping on it a couple of times, she jumps away just as an elevator shoots up from underneath.  It looks scrappy, as in made from spare parts from a nearby junkyard or the likes.  Whatever its materials were, the golden kunoichi runs into the homemade transporter and sits down with a relieved puff as it slams its door from behind and carries her down into an unknown destination.
Once the manhole cover is back in place, the words ‘Stage Clear’ flashes across the screen as bonuses are tallied up to the final score.
Back in the Arcade Arena, Arizona lets out a relieved puff as Arthur and the Symphivoices clap their hands in applause.  “Thanks, sugahs,” the angelic cowgirl finally says with an amused smile.
“So, what will you do now, Ari?” Clover asks as she takes a couple of puffs from another strawberry candy cigarette.
“Make another game based on this, but on a grander scale.  You’ll see soon enough, sugah cube,” Arizona replies with a mischievous wink.
“Well, there’s no rush.  We wanna see your grand vision for that to be in its full-blown magnifico,” Clover insists pleasantly as she pats Angelic Emerald on the shoulder.  “How about we go play another game in the meantime?”
Arizona nods with a smile – which droops down upon seeing Mackenzie walking over to the group with – well, three guesses as to what it is.  Arthur presses some buttons on a wristwatch strapped on his left wrist in response, activating his cloaking ability on the spot.  
“Hello, everyone – including you, Arthur,” the artistic angel greets with an amused smile, much to the group’s wide-eyed surprise.  “Yes, I know about him hiding here - as well as Sapphire Knight’s existence – through Elec-Love.”
“I guess I don’t have to keep up this act, then,” Sapphire Knight himself says nervously as he deactivates his cloaking just as quick, much to Arizona’s gasping surprise.
“We have no problem keeping him here because as he’s just as good-hearted as you artsy angels.  It isn’t until you and Artie were crying due to being separated for so long that the time is right for reconciliation time,” Clover explains short and sweet.
Arizona’s eyes start welling up as she embraces the bubble-gum haired Symphivoice immediately.  “Thank you, Clovie.  You have no idea how grateful I am,” she mumbles as tears of joy run down her cheeks.  
“Same here, Symphivoices, but you already know that,” Arthur adds in as he embraces the musical ladies in a soft, grateful manner.
“I understand his secrecy – he didn’t know how you and the others would react to his presence here – as well as his immense shyness, so I left him be.  When you’re ready to make yourself known, let us know so we’ll try to make the meeting as civilized as possible,” Mackenzie assures as she then notices the new arcade cabinet next to her.  “Is – is that me on there?” she asks in a surprised tone.
Arizona chuckles amusedly and replies, “Yes, as a bona fide ninja.  You like the outfit designed for ya?”
As her response, Mackenzie spins around ballerina-style as she’s engulfed in the same transformation lightshow as before.  Once it subsides, Angelic Luna is now revealed wearing the same ninja outfit as her 8-bit counterpart – a golden hair ribbon to keep her ponytail in place, a white short-sleeved blouse with a black and gold ninja vest, an orange corset with an embedded crescent moon topaz, a silver belt with chains hanging from the sides, purple plaid puffy pants, and black tabi boots with gold engraving.  As for her hair, it now has plum purple bangs and ends that seamlessly blended with the natural jet black.  She looks over to her future sister-in-law with a pleasant smile.  Gestures speak louder than words, yes?
“Not too shabby, ninja cat,” Clover complements amusedly.
“Thank you, and good-bye for now,” Mackenzie replies while bowing down Japanese-style.  She then gives Arizona the golden laserdisc she was holding before disappearing in a sudden burst of moonflower petals, much to everyone’s gasping surprise.
Angelic Emerald beams brightly and says, “See?  Born ninja material.”
“She’s not the only one, y’know.  Soon, this mall may be crawling with techno ninjas and the likes,” Arthur asks with a nervous chuckle.  “So, uh, are we still on with the game?”
“I haven’t forgotten,” Arizona assures as she then leaves the Arcade Arena with the others to their obvious destination.
In yet another black void minutes later, Arizona finds her new surroundings fading into what appears to be a Japanese temple with three platforms serving as ‘floors’.  The angelic cowgirl is surprised to see this – and begins to get nervous with sweatdrops flying from her head like water from a garden sprinkler.  
“It should be no surprise to you, Angelic Emerald – you made a Japanese fighting game, so you should have expected to play one yourself sooner or later,” Lumimaria’s voice echoes throughout the new arcade battleground.
Once the temple is in full solid view, the Piximask ninja herself appears at the scene via ninja somersault – with Wavelander following suit and landing next to his fellow moonling hybrid.  “Greetings, Miss Williams.  Welcome to the Tae Kwon Temple, where we hone our – heh – Tae Kwon Do skills for competition and entertainment.  It’s an honor that you would join us for today’s match,” the Graphivoice greets in a calm, pleasant fashion.  “Just to let you know, Mom and Dad will be joining in, too.”
“So . . . where’s Artie?” Angelic Emerald asks as she looks around for any signs of her true love.
“He bailed out, considering he’s not the ninja type as you probably know already,” Wavelander points out as he casually cracks his ankles as he would his knuckles.  “You know kick attacks are allowed, right?” he points out amusedly.
“With a temple that has a name like this . . . well,” Arizona replies with an amused smirk as she scrapes her foot against the floor like a bull would when facing off against a totero (bullfighter). “Let’s do this, sugah cubes.”
And with that, the game commences with Lumimaria and Wavelander – along with their Piximask and Graphivoice brethren appearing from the background doors throughout the temple - start dropping down the floors toward their angelic opponent, who stands her ground as she starts kicking the lot out of the temple with several swift kicks.  
Just then, Celes shows up from behind one of the background doors and performs a flying kick right at Arizona’s direction.  The angelic cowgirl sees the lead Symphivoice almost reaching her and kicks her away in a split second – and then notices a glowing red heart flying out from her hair.  Knowing this is a power-up, Arizona jumps right at the heart before it flies out of her reach.
Upon collecting this heart, Angelic Emerald notices glowing flames flying out from her hair.  She smiles amusedly at this just as several more Piximasks charge at her direction.  As her response, Arizona whips her literal fiery hair at the closest opponent – which naturally, torches the hybrid opponent flying away and on fire.  Upon seeing the other Piximasks still ever-approaching, she spins around as all the flames come blazing out and light up the hybrid moonlings in a fiery domino-esque inferno.
Her hair having just reverted to normal, Angelic Emerald jumps back down to the first floor and kicks away the incoming Graphivoice as they follow suit.  One of them delivers a jump kick at the angelic cowgirl’s head, flooring her on the spot.  Upon getting back up, she performs a spinning leg sweep to return the favor.
Just then, Tsuyoshi finally makes the scene as he jumps down to the angelic cowgirl’s level.  Before he could reach the floor, Arizona kicks him into the stratosphere – and sees a neon blue lightning bolt flying out from his helmet.  Naturally, Arizona wastes no time in collecting this new power-up – and then notices flames shooting out of her fingernails of their own will.  As the angelic cowgirl hops onto the first floor, the constant fire-stream wipes out all opponents in her path.  
By the time she returns to the third floor, the power-up wears off in the worst inopportune time – just as Arizona is surrounded by a group of Symphivoices.  Celes and her brethren smirk amusedly before beating the crud out of the angelic cowgirl before flooring on the spot.  A star-dazed Arizona gets up and spins around with her feet in a supersonic fury, sending her firefly opponents flying into the black void with an animesque twinkle.  
Upon coming back to her senses, Angelic Emerald grumbles in pain as she hops back to the second floor.  She then notices Tsuyoshi appearing from one of the doors and running over with a drop kick aimed at her head.  Arizona kicks him out of there and is about to collect the lightning bolt flying away – when Lumimaria and Wavelander show up out of nowhere and double-team the unsuspecting Techno Angel with double kicks – the Piximask from the left, and Wavelander from the right.
Thus, Angelic Emerald falls down to the floor with a loud ‘THUD!’ and a small earthquake – y’know, to portray her defeat in a dramatic fashion.  Wavelander and Lumimaria give each other a high-five to commemorate this occasion with accompanied chuckles.  “Sure, kick me while I’m already down,” the angelic cowgirl grumbles face-down.


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